Nurses’ Caring for Patients at the End of Life

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Nurses who experience the loss of a patient can become very emotional. These experiences are common with people who are nurse, doctor, and hospice because these people deal with death and dying. Death is acceptable if patients and the patient’s family cooperate at the moment, hospice is defined by the process not by the outcome. Before death it’s important that you make the patient comfortable to die some patients need to release anger, they need to talk about being scared of death, unfinished or bad relationships, and thoughts on how they family would be without their love one they just someone to listen and talk to.

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Communicating sensitive information to a client, patient, or customer can be difficult. Most importantly I would comfort them making sure they are comfortable, and relaxed then I would try making them smile or try brightening up their day. This is how nurses, family, and patients develop a bond. When letting them know what information I have being good or bad I will be truthful to them.

I would go further in to personal beings to make sure that everything is going to be fine or giving the family, some encouraging words to make sure they are prepared, peaceful, and calm. Persuading them to take necessary action first you must open up to their family and be honest about the situation that they’re in. After that take in all information that was given to me and reflect it into help let them know that there are resources and hope to keep their love one alive. I would try to tell them personal experiences so they can relate and won’t feel discomfort as death approach them.

In conclusion, being a nurse is a very skilled task it is ok for a nurse to grief after a patient they had with a friendship with die emotion is a natural response and sometimes it cannot be avoided you can’t help but cry because of the situation or circumstance. After seeing these people die at a young or old age it gives you a new philosophy on life “life is short and don’t take it for granted.” Occupations like this makes you appreciate life more and live your life to the fullest. Being a nurse, you have to be a kind-hearted person, because if I was taking care of someone in their last days I would look at them more than just a patient they would be like my sister or brother I’m taking care of until they leave this world or get better and I wouldn’t give up on them.

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