Nursing and Patient Care: It's All About Love

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Nursing and Patient Care: It’s All About Love

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In a very basic sense, nursing is a profession of love. Love means giving of you, without asking anything in return, and this is what nurses do every day.

It is an emotional state that is typically directed at another person. Love, thus, imbues intentional acts of sympathy towards others, in order to promote well–being. The basic form of love is the capacity to share and understand the sorrow, pain and joy of others

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Love is both the heart and unifying force of caring. Love may, thus, in light of this, be viewed as the basic core of alleviation of suffering. When the patients feel this desired love, they get a special satisfaction which transforms them psychologically, and makes them aim for an expedient recovery. Love, when expressed or experienced, can transform and instill a special kind of satisfaction.

Love is not a skill or something that can be taught, but rather something that can be expressed or experienced. An experience of love seems to affect a person immediately and influences his/her personality in a way that, almost inevitably, contributes to human development or transformation. Experiences of love may also uncover new aspects of human existence and disclose unexpected possibilities.

Love gives the nurse a self–sacrificing spirit. In essence, Eros inspires and forms the passion for humanity in the nurse. This in turn activates the energy needed to express Agape which guides the nurse in her actions as she attends to patients in a self–sacrificing spirit. Nurses’ expressions of love towards patients can independently expedite the recovery process of the patient, since a suffering patient is more in need of, and more open to, the essence of love

Nurse’s expressions

You never know what you’re going to get at the beginning of a shift. You might get a patient that is an absolute joy to work with and save lives. You are equally likely to witness death and have blood and tears all over your scrubs At the end of the day, what matters is that you gave a piece of yourself to people you don’t even know — you helped them no matter how badly they treated you, or how tired your feet were, or how many other patients needed you, too. And that is an act of love.

Humans, in general, suffer in the absence of love, as the quest for love is inherent to all humans. Therefore, rather than ignoring the concept of love and its relationship to the everyday practices, nurses should embrace it. Love comes straight from the heart, it does not change with pride, and it endures all things, hopes all things and costs nothing. Consequently, Nurses can always give love even in times when they cannot give medication.

When the patients feel this desired love, they get a special satisfaction which transforms them psychologically, and makes them aim for an expedient recovery. Love, when expressed or experienced, can transform and instill a special kind of satisfaction.

Why nurses love nursing

Saving Lives

There is nothing quite like realizing that you’ve saved another person’s life. It’s humbling, inspiring, and invigorating all at the same time. At the end of the day, you get to go home knowing that you gave someone else the gift of a lifetime. And then you get to go back to work and do it all over again.

Getting paid to help

Chances are you’d probably help that person choking in a restaurant for free by rushing over and performing the Heimlich. But nurses get PAID to help people out.

To match your pace

No matter what kind of pace you like, there’s a nursing specialty out there that matches your needs. Whether you love the rush and adrenaline of the ER or you’d rather enjoy a slow, leisurely walk with a geriatric patient, there’s a way to do it.

Sincere thanks you get

Sure, nurses have to deal with a lot of crap (literally and figuratively) and sometimes you’ll have to deal with some really hostile patients. But sometimes, when you’re just doing your job, some of those nightmare patients will do a complete 180 and grab your hand and whisper, “Thank you.” Sometimes the simplest things are the best like the innocent smile of the new born.

Nursing – a job for a life time

Nursing is one of those professions that never stops giving. You learn new things every day, and the technology is always changing, making for one heck of a ride. Why do you think so many nurses have been at it for 15+ years? Not to mention, the opportunity for growth (both professionally and personally) is almost unlimited.

For you family and loved ones

Being the nurse in the family means that everyone calls you, asking what this rash is, or what those pounding headaches mean, or “Can you come over right away!? Bobby swallowed his toy!” Then again, the reason they call you is because of a deep respect and trust of your knowledge. It’s a very special, rewarding, and sacred gift to be able to help those you love the most.

The uniform –very special dress that nurse work in which gives identity and a sense of team spirit

8.A sense of Humour- An odd and often dark sense of humor develops between nurses working together. Hysterical bouts of laughter between the patients’ doors and the nurses’ station are what keeps everyone sane, and distinguishes just one more thing about being a nurse. Not everyone is cut out for this line of work.

9.The challange Almost everyone who says they love their job mentions the challenge as an important part of it. Problem solving and putting valued skills to good use are just a few of the ways that nurses find fulfillment. Of course, the challenge can sometimes cause a few problems, but that’s where the above things we love about nursing comes in!

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