Nursing Shortage: the Impact of Burnout on the Nurses in Us

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Personal opinions on the ideas articulated by Gubar in her publication helps end the dialogue on the second article. Even though there is uncertainty regarding the credibility of the information published by Gubar, her ideas are authentic. Her opinions have been echoed by other authors. Gubar highlighted some of the causes of the shortage of nurses in the United States. She mentioned issues such as depleted and aging nursing professoriate, low enrollments in nursing courses, and fear of the emotional demands of the profession as some of the reasons why there are few nurses in the U.S. These opinions are relatable to the sentiments of Haddad and Toney-Butler (2019) on the subject of discussion. The duo focused on the issues of concern and also reasons for nursing shortage in the U.S. There is a close relation between the factors behind nursing shortage and the reasons behind the deficiency of nurses in the country.

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The final article on nursing shortage studies the issues of concern as well as underlying reasons for the nursing crisis in the U.S. Haddad and Toney-Butler (2019) contended that lack of potential educators, inequitable distribution of the workforce, and high turnover are some of the reasons behind nursing shortage in the U.S. Regarding issues of concern, the duo claimed that the nursing profession continues to face shortages due to potential reasons such as ageing population, aging work force, nurse burnout, violence in the healthcare setting, fast population growth, the task of having to choose between career and family, and imbalances in distribution of nurses within the country. In addition, Haddad and Toney-Butler also explored other less significant issues that impact nursing supply in the U.S. Issues such as empowerment (organizations must be creative in meeting nurse needs), and technology (technical advances affect nurses staying in their positions) appear prominently in the discussion.

Expanding this confab is the need to focus on the suitability of Haddad and Toney-Butler to contribute to the topic of nursing shortage. Also, it is crucial to survey the manner in which the resources used to draw conclusions in the article by Haddad and Toney-Butler have been detailed and how key issues in the article have been supported. Beginning with Haddad and Toney-Butler’s credibility, there is no information regarding the duo’s affiliations or credentials; hence, compromising the reliability of the information provided by the two authors. However, Haddad and Toney-Butler have compensated for this shortcoming in their survey. The duo has backed all the contentions made in their work with information acquired from acceptable and timely sources, and all of which have been listed at the end of the research paper. Further bolstering the authority of the article is the fact that is appears in a respectable magazine: StatPearls.

Closing the discussion on the article by Haddad and Toney-Butler is the articulation of intimate thoughts on the issues expressed in the publication. It is hard to refute some of the ideas aired by the duo regarding the shortage of care givers in America. The duo explored the underlying causes of nursing shortage in the U.S and most of the key points underscored have also been expressed by Marc et al. (2019). However, it is also hard to believe some of the arguments brought forth by Haddad and Toney-Butler. The opinions whose integrity are doubtable are those regarding the issues of concern since the other two articles in this discussion have not covered this sub-topic.

Evaluation of the agreements and disagreements between the authors’ personal and professional values is another critical section of this discussion. There is no denying that the three articles covered in the discussion above manifest a great extent of uniformity of personal values among all the authors of the publications. All the authors manifest a high level of commitment to sincerity, truthfulness, honesty, and dependability when probing into the nursing shortage discussion. However, there are conflicts regarding stewardship in the three publications. All the articles are very resourceful; however, only Marc et al. (2019) provided important information concerning how shortage of nurses can be resolved. Regarding the agreements and disagreements between the writers’professional values, it is fair to express that there is no noticeable disagreement in professional values among the authors. All the authors exhibit self-motivation since there is no proof that they stand to gain financiallyfrom their publications. Their only desire is to shed light on nursing shortage; a topic of great concern and which may have detrimental consequences if not resolved with urgency.

The last piece of this discussion is a reflection on how my personal and professional values might impact my views on the issue of nursing shortage. On a personal basis, I am a devotee for integrity, achievement, perseverance, and intelligence in all my dealings. I would love to think that my sets of personal values would only let me convey the truth about the state of nurse staffing statistics in the country without fear and favor. I am a dependable and insightful individual and my views on shortage of nurses would only be aimed at creating workable solutions to the crisis so as to improve care delivery in the United States. Professionally, I boast of a strong work ethic, I possess a positive attitude, and I am willing to grow and learn. I believe these professional values that I possess would only influence my views on the nursing crisis towards a direction that would be focused on unearthingpotential solutions to the societal concern.

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