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Nutri-Basket is a business extension of the parent company Big-Basket, a company on the online retail space which acts as a facilitative platform for farmers and producers to sell its fresh food produce to the Big-Basket consumer under the Big-Basket brand name. Mr. Hari Menon the director and CEO of Big-Basket, India was very intrigued by the whole concept of the India dhabba system i.e. meals prepared and distributed thought a wide network without the use of any fancy modern technology and set on an adventure to understand the business and the market. Through his study Mr. Hari Menon studied established tiffin service companies like King trinational, India Dhabbawalla, Annapurna meals, Rashmi tiffin service, Ahare bahar, S&R tiffin deliveries found 1 thing in common, they all produced stand Indian meals to corporate offices. These meals seemed extremely oily, and prepared using artificial colorings, tastemakers and often used frozen ingredients like frozen paneer, pees, and meats in the production of the meals besides this he also noticed that neither of these brands offered variety of service and had the same set of meals every week making the whole tiffin service very dull and un desirable. These companies did not offer their meal services to children at their school for break and lunch. Mr. Menon noticed a gab in the market space of providing school children of busy working parents/single parents nutritious variety of freshly prepared tiffin meals every day.

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To capitalize on this market Gap Mr. Menon conceptualized & launched the Nutri-Basket tiffin meal company and mobile application in the year 2017 by the Big-Basket CEO Hari Menon. Nutri-Basket isn’t like any other tiffin service their approach was to produce the food fresh every day from the freshest of ingredients. Nutri-Basket works on a monthly and daily subscription model. Nutria-Basket have appointed accredited nutritionists to specially craft and design meals for the school children aged 3 to 16, these meals are carefully designed to cater to the child’s growing caloric and nutrient requirement. These nutritionists work with award winning 5-star chefs to prepare delicious meals on a daily basis, besides no 2 weeks in a month will have the same meal plan with there being over 14 variety of meals every week and these meals will be prepared fresh with no added colors, preservatives, and artificial tastemakers using less oil keeping it as healthy as possible without compromising on taste and flavor.

Identity Markers

Brand Name: Nutri-Basket

Brand Tagline: Not just well balanced and healthy, but yummy!

Brand Statement: “A specially crafted nutritious meal, designed and prepared by expert nutritionists and 5-Star chefs using the freshest of ingredients with no artificial coloring, no added taste makers, and less oil to produce a delicious flavorful healthy meal delivered hot and fresh to your children every day.”

Value Proposition

  • Meals designed and supervised by expert Nutritionists
  • All meals are prepared by 5-star chefs
  • The meals are all fresh (not frozen) with no added color, flavors or preservatives
  • High quality and hygiene-controlled production kitchens
  • All meals prepared from less oil and less Ghee (milk fat)

Determining the promotion mix

Determining the Target Market

For Nutri-Basket’s target market at launch will be the 2377 private schools in Delhi and Noida (India region). This state is the perfect hub to capitalize on the busy schedules of parents in the state. With both parents working this subscription model would work best with this demographic segment.

Determining the Objectives

The first main objective, being a new product “Nutri-Basket can leverage the existing marketing resources of parent company “Big-Basket” to launch the new brand in the Delhi market. The 2nd objective would be to communicate the product and the features here they would need to differentiate the product from competitors to win customers. The 3rd objective would be generating “hype” “buzz” for the product creating a demand in the market to establish a customer base. Long term objectives would be to launch in other major cities and capitalize on other sectors and disrupt the industry.

Design the Message

Nutri-Basket would have to carefully design the content and messages to be showcased on the online and offline marketing vehicles. This message is critical towards the branding for the company, defines the identity and the perception of the company in the minds of the consumers. The content on each of online and offline tools would require carefully worded with appropriate visuals and must look appealing to the consumers. While the mobile application and the websites would require graphic optimization, clarity in message and appealing blend of colors and designs.

Media Decision

Deciding the media vehicle, tools and areas to use is an important factor when designing the marketing campaign. The promoters must decide when to approach the customer, how to approach the customer, where to approach the customer and in what content do we do this. The delivery of the message would be in 2 relative formats.

Nutri-Basket would have a rather large more diversified offline space, it plans on using numerous marketing tools to achieve its marketing objective.

  • Direct Marketing
  • Marketing its services with the help of telephonic and online marketing concepts where the orders would be placed directly to the company rather than through an intermediary agent.

  • Sales Promotion
  • These are communication activities that strive to add value to the consumes through offers and incentives. E.g. for new customers Nutri-Basket would give a 15% welcome discount to its customers and for the loyal customers who opt for a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription, a 10% monthly discount coupon would be applied at the point of subscription.

  • Advertisements

It is a public medium od marketing a product or service to the target audience, there are 3 types of advertisements:

  1. Paid forms of advertising
  2. Nutri-Baskets would buy spaces on at school bus stops, train stations, school notice-boards to paste or pin up their marketing poster, newspaper, magazines, radio advertisements etc.

  3. Owned media
  4. The online mobile applications, their own website will display offers, incentives to subscribing, marketing and promotion the brand through their own marketing vehicles this is called owned media.

  5. Earned media
  6. Developing a good standard and brand name in society would result in positive organic reviews on social media websites and satisfaction messages from customers, this is known as earned media.

Online Space

Nutri-Basket will leverage the online marketing space to capitalize on its mobile application and the digital marketing innovations, designing customized SMS and emails while also an interacting with their customers on the online space to get suggestions and complaints to further better then service.

6-M Approach

  1. Mission
  2. The missions of Nutri-Basket is to provide quality healthy means to children at an affordable price.

  3. Market
  4. Nutri-Basket would target 2377 private schools in the Delhi, Noida region of India to capitalize on the market potential(Gap) in that region.

  5. Message
  6. “Quality food meals prepared freshly by reputed 5-star chefs, and strictly monitored and designed by credited nutritionists”

  7. Media
  8. Nutri-Basket would target its segment using the online and offline spaces through direct marketing, sales promo, event marketing etc. while using the online space to interact and communicate with its customers in a more customized manner.

  9. Money
  10. Nutri-Basket would monetize itself through pre-monthly, quarterly, yearly subscriptions and using the seed capital from parent company and party use their marketing and resources to develop and create an independent brand.

  11. Measurement
  12. Nutri-Basket would measure its effectiveness through re-subscription from past customers, usage of the discount codes from the online and offline marketing promotion campaigns, customer reviews and feedbacks.

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