Oatmeal: Health Benefits and Enjoyment Brought by This Food

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  • Ingredients of Oats and Their Effect on an Organism
  • Oats and Its Beneficial Effects in Diabetes
  • Oats - An Old Natural Remedy is Rediscovered
  • Prepare and Enjoy Oats Properly
  • Oats and Wellness - Two Who Understand Each Other

Oats belong to the bluegrass and are used today in agriculture mainly for the nutrition of horses. For the healthy diet in everyday life, however, it still plays an important role for humans to this day. First finds around 2400 BC Chr. Document the existence of the plant in Europe . With the introduction of potato in Germany in the 17th century, but also through the cultivation of other cereals, the oat as a staple food was displaced from the diet.

Ingredients of Oats and Their Effect on an Organism

Oat is nutritious and contains a lot of protein with eight essential amino acids, as well as valuable vitamins, minerals and a small amount of gluten. Therefore, the consumption of oats gives energy and strengthens the nerves. The easily digestible carbohydrates and mucilages contained in the oats swell up in water and thus protect the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. In cases of inflammation, heartburn or irritable stomach, a meal made from oatmeal brings noticeable relief to the symptoms. Here the porridge with water should be briefly boiled and a little salt added. When the symptoms have subsided, the porridge can be made with milk.

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The basic substances sodium, potassium and calcium, found in the oatmeal shell of oats, can reduce anxiety, improve sleep and lighten mood. A scant cup of oatmeal with half a cup of oat bran daily either as a porridge or eaten in cereal for four weeks can lower cholesterol levels by five percent. This helps the arteries and the heart and should be just as effective as the commercial cholesterol tablets.

Oats and Its Beneficial Effects in Diabetes

Zinc and chromium, soluble and insoluble fiber, saponins and high levels of magnesium relieve the pancreas by increasing insulin secretion and lowering blood sugar levels. For this reason, oat cures are offered for diabetics. They should improve the blood sugar values ​​within three days. An American study of 40,000 participants who consumed oats showed a reduction of nearly 20% in diabetes. The risk of getting ill was reduced by a regular daily intake of small amounts of oatmeal and over a longer period even by about 30%. Thus, eating oatmeal can reduce the burden on the body by taking a medicine. The efficacy of this form of nutrition as an adjunct to drug treatment should in any case be discussed with the attending physician in the case of an already existing illness in order to check for a possible improvement in the values.

'More than half of our illnesses are diet-related' med. Anne Fleck, dr. med. Jörn Klasen and dr. med. Matthias Riedl. In her cooking book about the TV program How to prevent and cure diseases with the right diet , the 'nutritional docs' provide first aid for self-help and show how Type 2 diabetes, migraine or fatty liver with special food can often be achieved more than with tablets.

Oats - An Old Natural Remedy is Rediscovered

Researchers who investigated efficacy in the use of oatmeal in Russian folk medicine as a home remedy for lead poisoning have found that some cereals contain substances that bind heavy metals in the body and excrete along with the fiber. In the process, they found that oats had the highest effect on the discharge of metals.

The silicon in the oats protects the connective tissue, keeping the arteries elastic. This reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis. improves the hair structure, strengthens the nails. The B vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid and carotenoids strengthen the immune system and supply the nerves. This can help reduce stress and improve sleep. Carotenoids are important helpers for age-related, mental and physical illnesses.

Prepare and Enjoy Oats Properly

Oatmeal - The grain oat is rich in fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, as well as minerals. When eating oats, the full grain should always be used, as only there, the valuable ingredients are present in larger quantities. A porridge for breakfast can be prepared with fruits and nuts, according to taste. Either the flakes are boiled with warm milk, or the flakes are eaten raw. Oatmeal in raw food quality are particularly tasty. The oats are germinated in cold water and crushed in a mortar.

Oats harvested before flowering are called green oats. Green oat tea is applied over a long period of time, detoxifies and helps with insomnia. Add one quarter liter of hot water, pour over a teaspoon of green oats, let it steep for 15 minutes, and drink three cups a day for four weeks.

Oats and Wellness - Two Who Understand Each Other

Of particular note is the high proportion of biotin in oats (vitamin B7), which is also called beauty vitamin, because of its special effect on skin, hair and nails. Not only the grain but also the straw contains many ingredients. Swelling agents, vitamin A and silica have a positive effect on itchy, inflammatory and oily skin. A brew of 100 g oatmeal cooked with 3 l of water for 20 minutes, as a bath additive with a maximum of 15 minutes, helps to soothe the skin and to relieve the symptoms. Accordingly, the quantity can be reduced in a local application. However, the applications should not exceed twice a week.

Another variant for the bathtub: Fill about two tablespoons of oatmeal in a cotton bag and get into the bathroom. In the warm water repeatedly knead the mass until milky white porridge emerges. Dab the affected areas and also the face with it. The skin is thereby cleansed, feels supple and is supplied with nutrients. When using oats as a natural remedy for prolonged physical complaints in any case, a doctor should be consulted.

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