Obedience of Murder: Migration in Progress

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Students, remember the different parts of a narrative: Exposition Conflict Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution Today, for your free-write, we want you to be sure and think about HOW you will utilize these narrative puzzle pieces to develop a believable story that includes your own commentary on the issues. Obedience of Murder: Migration in Progress 1940, Jewish Hideout, Somewhere in France, BOOM! A bomb hit the house and everyone was scared, terrorstricken and in panic and in fear of what would happen next. So, Alexander Chaskel said, "Get down to the hideout we will be safe there." Furthermore, everyone rapidly came towards three planks on the floor and removed them leading to a pitch black cavernous hole with a ladder. Now, everyone started to descend into the cavernous hole except for Luke Jefferson who thought it would only be a matter of time until the Nazis found us. So, Luke started walking towards the door ready to surrender to the Nazis.

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However, as Luke started to walk Alexander Chaskel caught the eye of Luke walking towards the door and said to Luke "Don't go down there so you might be killed." However, Luke didn't listen and said: "It would be better if we all surrendered to them." Then, walked up towards the door, and pressed firmly pressed his hand on the door and stood there thinking once more about if he should about 1940, Buchenwald, Germany Luke was now blindfolded sitting in a train going back to Germany to go back to a concentration camp. Until BEEP! The train finally stopped, Nazi soldiers arrived picking up all of the people going to this concentration camp. Now, the Nazi soldiers walked up to the train grabbing Luke by the neck walking him over to the concentration camp saying "This will teach you for what you have done." In addition, the soldier yanked on Lukes blindfold just to see if Luke was still there and then said: "Welcome to the Buchenwald concentration camp, My Friend." After that, the soldier took off Lukes blindfold making Luke see a concentration camp for the first time. Now, once Luke took his first glance he knew it was only going to be a matter of days until he was going to die of starvation. After seeing what he was going to go through Luke was eager to escape. I mean real eager to escape. So, now Luke decided to stroll around the concentration eager to have a good relationship with others in his situation.

Now, as Luke walked around the concentration camp trying not to get caught, he noticed a group of people drawing with sticks in the dirt. Luke, a person eager to make friends ran toward them, Now Luke was getting closer and closer now seeing more and more of what they were doing. Now, Luke finally came as close to them as possible seeing them creating an escape plan called Operation Train attack where the men would climb over the fence with their ultra shock resistant clothes dressed up in Nazi uniform jumped out of the building. Now, after looking at it look was eager to join. Furthermore, Luke asked a man in the group "Hey I like your escape and really want to escape with you because I hate it here and feel like I am going to die here." The man looked at Luke saying "Sorry Kid we don't have any more room left on the escape team." Now, all of a sudden Luke started getting frustrated and wanted to convince the leader that he could go with them. So, five minutes later he asked the leader "Hey, I know you didn't want me joining your escape train plan. But, you know one more person might be a valuable asset." Then, all of a sudden the leader of the group got angry saying "We don' t have any more space ok and back off because I have told you once and I will not tell you again." Now, Luke started to panic, because his brain started saying "Ask more and you will eventually get there."

Meanwhile, his heart was panicking and started beating like the speed of light going at an unsurpassed speed and the sound his heart was making was louder than 100 decibels to him thinking that everyone around him would hear his heart rate beat. So, Luke followed his heart and said "Yes Sir" and walked away frustrated because he didn't know what he was going to do. Plus, Luke thought it would now be impossible to try and escape from Buchenwald because of all of the tight security and those fancy electric fences that they had to prevent anyone from escaping and to top it all off there were nazi guards all over those fences. So, Luke thought he wouldn't be able to escape. So, now Luke had no choice but to try and survive the longest by trying to search for scraps of food when he needed because at this point Luke stomach started to rumble and was craving for more food. However, Luke thought it was only a matter of time until he died of starvation. *** It's midnight and Luke just couldn't sleep because of all he had gone through so far Luke couldn't handle it, all the drama everything since trying to join the escape team to dying of starvation. His eyes still lay in the darkness waiting for hope, waiting for something that could help him so that he could get out of this concentration camp. So, that he could escape this once and for all. After that, Luke fell asleep. Buchenwald, 3:27 AM, 1940, Germany BEEP! A train comes into Buchenwald and all of a sudden people wake up seeing an unknown train here people instantly rush to get into the train.

However, there's a stampede of people all packed into one small concentration camp and people are acting like animals trying to beat the person next to them in some kind of sumo wrestling contest everyone eyeing the same goal, getting to America. Now, Luke finally wakes up to a massive stampede of Human bulls trying to migrate to the US and is eager to join in on the action trying beat everyone here to get to America. However, now a Nazi soldier Bob catches in on the action and scrambles through his pockets trying to find something to stop this ongoing migrant crisis and finally find a grenade and throws it into the center of the crowd hoping for the best. Now, all of a sudden people in the middle catch the eye of the grenade trying to avoid it at all costs. However, they are too late with the grenade exploding in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 BOOM! A grenade hits the crowd of people and suddenly everyone starts to die which starts up a stampede of dead bodies that range so far it extends to Luke. Now, in this position, Luke tries to run for his life as knows that the grenade is going to hit him. He starts running as fast as he can trying to escape the Germans as soon as he can hoping he can stop right at the electric fence. Now, Lukes comes closer and closer to the electric fence trying to find a way out of this grenade stampede. So, then Luke find that the grenade reached its target. So, Luke looks around for people who have survived the stampede until all of a sudden the train went off again BEEP!

The train honked its horn and the nazis soldiers were ready in their pecking order trying to strike the train with all of its explosives they had at hand. Now, Luke finally found the chance to grab a weapon to try to escape because Luke thought that having a gun would give him a better chance at escaping Buchenwald. So, right at that moment, Luke starts sprinting towards the Nazi soldiers attacking the train. In the midst of this action, Luke found the perfect opening to get a gun Willam, a Nazi soldier shooting bullets straight into the train hoping for the best. So, while William was shooting Luke grabbed the gun straight out of Williams pocket and placed the gun on Williams' forehead and started shooting him BOOM! BOOM! Now, Willam fell right onto the ground passed out and all the German soliders looked at him thinking of ways to save him.

The Nazi soldiers quickly started doing CPR trying to help Willam stay alive. Now, this was the perfect moment to try and escape he quickly made a run for it seeing a door next to the electric fence not being guarded by the Nazis. So, Luke was running towards the metal door trying to get out of Buchenwald until suddenly Luke looked up into the sky and realized he was being chased. So, Luke jammed the door open trying his hardest until it came out and started running again trying not to get caught so Luke hid in a bush. Now, that Luke was in the bush he quickly hid from the Nazis as they shined a bright light on everything. Now, that the Nazis didn't find him Luke decided to sleep. Buchenwald, Germany, 1940s A cyan volswagon came up the highway driving at 100KPH towards Berlin until all of a sudden the driver spotted a faint body behind the bushes and thought to himself BEEP! The driver ca Switzerland, the 1940s Luke w Spain, 1940s Luke woke up in great hope seeing that he had now been on a ship which said going to NYC. Now, Luke was excited and ready to go awaiting a new beginning a beginning that would be war free. A new free place a safe place.

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