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Obesity Control Measures: Are they Effective?

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There are significant healthcare issues that can be addressed within my area of specialty and thus the focus in healthcare should be to create a better environment where better healthcare decisions can be made. The understanding of these healthcare issues provide a better environment where better practices can be developed and implemented. The focus in this case focuses on better considerations in dealing with obesity. The growing prevalence of obesity amongst adults and children is a major public health challenge both nationally and internationally. Being overweight or obese can increase the risk of developing a range of other health problems such as coronary heart disease (CHD), type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and stroke and reduce life expectation. The concerns of obesity are not limited to the direct impact on health. In the view of the dynamic changes in lifestyles, there has been a paradigm shift in statistics from how it used to be in late 20th century and early 21st century. Statistically, 24% of men and 25% of women are obese. Therefore, there are two critical ways that obesity can be controlled and this include through life style change or through bariatric surgery (Vartanian and Fardouly, 2014).

The picot question

The research question in this case will follow the etiology format since we are comparing the effectiveness of these two obesity control measures. Therefore, the research question will be as follows

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Is bariatric surgery more effective in yielding longtime success when compared to lifestyle changes technique in dealing with obesity?

The focus of the problem

Obesity has been a major thorn in the health sector for a very long time even though the rate of increases has not been as the one being witnessed currently. In the last five years two in ten children in the developed countries were obese that rate has highly increased with the current statistics indicating that four in ten children are obese. This is a very alarming rate hence it has attracted various stakeholders to look into the issue. The number of adult obese is also skyrocketing given the fact that there is a high chance that obese children being obese adults. A previous study also indicates that in four children who are obese, there is high probability that two will be obese as adults (Fock and Khoo, 2013).

According to Coen and Goodpaster (2016), various treatment mechanisms can be used to treat obese patients especially when the prevalence in the body is still low. Treatment of obese individuals can be categorized in two categories, obesity treatment in adults and in children since they are not subjected to the same type of treatment because of different body compositions. Any particular therapeutic interventions in a child with obesity must be able to achieve control of both the weight gain and reduction in body mass index. Loss of about 20% of the body weight can lead to a reduction of the various health risks related to obesity (Coen and Goodpaster, 2016).

Bariatric surgery therefore has been significantly considered as a key focus are in controlling obesity. This method has been significantly engaged because it is highly successful however the challenge that arises is that it does not focus on preventive measures but it seeks to engage the already obese which means that it is difficult control obesity significantly. A significant focus has been on the change of lifestyle and overall wellbeing of individuals. This is considered the most important method that can be considered in creating a healthy society.

According to Chan, and Woo, (2017) despite the various solutions that can reduce the obesity amongst the patients, a population-based strategy is the surest means of reducing obesity amongst patients whose benefits cannot get unnoticed. Proposal and implementation of obesity prevention methodologies focus on the causative elements resulting in obesity. The prevention strategy focuses on lifestyle change barriers from community, personal, socioeconomic and environmental levels. The strategy would involve different stakeholders, organizations, and different medical institutions.

Developing preventive measures in handling obesity is a clear effective strategy when considering that all stakeholders will be very much corporative efforts. However, it important to understand the need or the total cost that is likely to be engaged in creating a clear plan. The focus has been significantly on the underlying causes of obesity since it is much easier to deal with the risk factors rather than obesity related complications.

Rabkin and Campbell (2015) asserts that despite the common knowledge among individuals that fast foods are largely risky to human health, fast foods eateries and restaurants have been significantly embraced by vast population, which makes it a booming business. This shows that controlling the risk factors to obesity may be a good idea but it is very difficult to implement such consideration, which is significantly embraced despite, is detrimental nature of human healthy. However, it is important to understand between these two techniques the important intervention that creates a significant environment where the long-term success can be determined (Rabkin and Campbell, 2015).


Determining the best intervention where obesity can prevented is an important thing to help the increasingly high population of obese people not only in the United States but also across the globe. Thus determining the long-term success is key in choosing between bariatric surgery and lifestyle changes in dealing with obesity. Considering that obesity is a lifestyle diseases the better engagement has to be developed putting into focus this aspect.


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