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Obesity is the top worst disease our generation is facing today. For many years till now, we are slowly killing ourselves from conceiving too much food in our bodies. This health problem or disease affects people of all ages and that is why we should put a stop to it. Obesity is when you have too much body fat from overeating and also you can get it from genetic. This disease is caused by the consumption of junk food and fast-food restaurants and the lack of body exercise.

Obesity in childhood has reached a huge epidemic level and has evolved as well in several countries. Obesity and overweight in childhood are known to have a remarkable impact on both physical and psychological health. According to the men’s health magazine in the united state, the percentage of childhood obesity has been tripled since the 1970s. Children obesity is rather common in the united state but mostly on our island. Currently, one and third of children are overweight or obese in the United States. Childhood obesity is a severe issue and can result in many problems in young children and adolescent’s life. Childhood obesity can result in type two diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, sleep apnea, and etcetera.

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` Obesity and overweight can be managed by combinations of dietary changes and increase physical activities. The major issues that I’ll be talking about are Childhood obesity, obese physical inactivity, and also the effect of being obese. Obesity is no joke; it has destroyed life and cause emotional and physical pain. Some people might not also know, in the obesity disability global survey data over four million people had died from obesity in 2015 only. Also, an estimate of 300,000 deaths per year is caused by overweight and obesity. I think this is the worst disease that we still encounter because even though we know that it causes so much destruction we still can’t resist it or do anything to stop it.

When it comes to childhood obesity, the percentage is shocking. Obesity has affected 17% of all children in the United State. An increasing number of children are becoming overweight and unfit in the United States, which harms their physical and emotional being. The effect of obesity can start in children at a young age. An estimated 42 million children less than 5 years of age are now considered obese. The epidemic is no longer secluded to the western developed world where fast food is plentiful. According to the John Hopkins Global Obesity Prevention Center, 5 out of 6 obese children are from developing countries.

Today, diseases that were rarely, if ever seen in young children just two decades ago have become commonplace, many young children now have the risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Children are developing diabetes, bone and joint problem caused by excessive weight, sleep apnea that reduces oxygen flow to the brain, fatty liver disease, and acid reflux. Obesity also takes a psychological toll on children resulting in low self-esteem and poor performance in school. This is why it is so important to care for your child’s health.

The best treatment for childhood obesity is to reduce the excess calories intake for our young children and start enjoying healthy eating. Another best way to help solve this solution is to encourage the activity of any game or a form of exercise that the child can participate in and enjoy. It is very important to burn calories as well as to eating enough to grow but not too many calories to add any more bodyweight. Research state that if you are obese at a young then there is a high chance of you will be obese for the rest of your life.

Physical inactivity is one of the many reasons obesity became an issue and it may lead you to early death. Being physical inactivity can be defined as people who lack the level of daily physical activity. Physical activity is walking, jogging, housework, dancing, and daily exercising. According to the medical health of John Hopkins, physically inactive people seem to have a higher risk of having high blood pressure and fatty liver. With the help of physical activity, the percentage of you having type 2 diabetes is extremely low.

There are countless reasons for the risk of being physical inactivity. The lack of daily exercise may lead many people feeling being discouraged and anxious. Also being physically inactive may increase your risk of certain cancer. Being active can help you decrease the risk of getting any type of cancer, including two of the most deadly and well-known physical cancer in the United State, breast cancer and colon cancer. According to the BBC World Service, if a certain person is physical inactive their health risk can be increase spectacularly and the long-term effects are severe. For example, coronary disease, stroke, little energy, stiff joints, hard time breathing, and of course overweight.

Just as any other disease physical obesity inactive can be resolve. Being physically active can help you with your confidence and self-esteem also helps build body muscle and a healthy lifestyle. I believe that physical literacy is the best answer for physical inactivity. Physical literacy can be defined as motivation, confidence, physical competence knowledge, and understanding to maintain physical activity throughout the life course. It is the holistic approach and the concept of literacy is appropriate because it is non-exclusive and suggests that absolutely anyone can go through the journey to achieve the physically literate basis at their own pace and their own level.

The effect of obesity can be are very dangerous, there are about 2.8 million adults per year that died from being overweight and obese globally. Being overweight and obese is the fifth risk for global death according to Dr. Barbara McGowan. Most of the burden really comes from diabetes that is out there from ischemic heart disease associated with being overweight and obese, and of course, the increased risk of cancer associated with being obese. There is a study called Framingham heart Study, and this show that if you are an obese and nonsmoker, women lose seven years of life and men lose about six years of life, but if you are obese and a smoker, both women, and men lose at least 13 years of life.

There are many ways obesity affects a person’s health. Obesity can virtually affect every organ of your body. There are three complications of obesity; metabolic, mechanical, and mental. Metabolic complications are associated with a very high risk of type two diabetes, which leads to a real disease burden. Obesity increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, including coronary artery disease, stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and many more. Mechanical complications on obesity-associated with problems with lower back pain and osteoarthritis due to an increase in body weights. Finally, the mental complication is the most important compose it associates with depression and anxiety, and low self-esteem.

There are many options when it comes to weight loss but the cornerstone of all these options is lifestyle intervention. Lifestyle intervention can be defined as dietary change and increased exercise within our lifestyle. If you question why it is difficult to maintain the weight loss is because our bodies are designed in such a way as to preserve energy and defend us from times of famine. For example, when we lose weight through a diet our gut hormones change in such a way as to increase our hunger hormones that why it is hard to lose weight and eat healthily.

In conclusion, obesity is not a safe way to live our life. It is also the number one reason why our generation is being lazy. Obesity is causing so much destruction to our young children and that is why we must act to put a stop to it. So much life has been wasted and been taken away due to the effects of overeating and physical inactivity. The fact that the number of childhood obesity in American is very high made me question who to blame, the parents of the child. But never the less, childhood obese can be cured with healthy eating and daily exercise. Physical inactivity is also not a good way to live life it is basically wasting life away. Due to modern technology in today’s world, Young teenagers would rather spend days indoors with their phones and video game than outdoors. Physical activity is critically important for heart health, the bottom line for physical activity is better to move more, move harder, and sit less. In physical obese inactivity, it is better to do something than to do nothing. Some people say that food is life, but they will soon know the effect of being obese and how sad and painful you might end up. Your appearance is not only the downside of being obese but having a high risk of getting a heart attack, cancer, depression, diabetes, and many more. That’s why is better to live healthy because it makes you feel better and you will become an inspiration to others.

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