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Observation Report: the Recreation Center in Junction City

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I decided to conduct this observation at the recreation center in Junction City, Kansas. I visited the location after 2 on a Saturday afternoon. Junction City is located close to the I-70 highway in central Kansas. Junction City is a military town for the fort riley military base so most the population is affiliated to the military. Military towns like Junction City consist of people from different states and culture. This type of diversity consists of various demographics. The parking lot consists of mostly of newer cars 2008 or newer there was a decent amount of car but not too much. Inside the recreation center the temperature was cool most likely due to the fall season. There was pop music playing over the speaker at a medium volume. The recreation center has three sections a café, arcade and computer workstation area. The lighting inside the restaurant was brightly lit while the lighting inside the arcade was dim and the workstation was brightly lit. The desk and table inside the recreation was made of wood. The café tables were bright red on the surfaces and black on the edges. The chairs in the café was made of metal red on the seat area and black on the legs. The arcade had tables with x box, PlayStation consoles and flat screen televisions. The arcade had black chair made of cloth and wheels. The workstation area had desk made of wood that were red in color on the surface. The desk consisted of newer model dell computers, keyboards and mouse. Under the desk had black and grey office chair made of cloth, metal and wheels.

During my visit I noticed a Hispanic young man in his young twenties using the computer at point he was using his phone. I also notice African American using the computer while wearing headphones. The recreation center has admittance age of 18 years or older which means minors are not allowed inside the building. In the arcade area I noticed two Caucasian male who appeared to be about 19 or 20 playing video games separately. I also observed two Caucasian male eating pizza by themselves. The vibe inside the recreation center would most likely attract a younger crowd since older people tend to prefer a different form of entertainment. I also noticed self-absorption was a common theme inside the warrior zone.

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Social norms take, mostly, an unwritten form and is transmitted orally from generation to generation as a legacy invaluable, for example the Romanian proverb “He who does not have elders to buy, and who has to honor. ” Social norms have always reflected the features of society they created, being different from one society to another and from one historical period to another, depending on factors features every society: geographical environment, the stage of historical development, cultural national and social existence or otherwise of a majority religion are state structures. Reflecting on the culture of the recreation I realized that is American society a recreation center would most likely attract a younger crowd. Technology is still a new innovation for a lot of the parts of the world including the United States. Young people use technology to socialize and meet new people. Older folks tend to prefer face to face interaction instead of the internet. I also noticed self-absorption amongst the young adults in the recreation center which is common for young adults in America today. As for the pizza that I observed eating is popular choice for a lot of young American adults. The pop music playing over the speakers is also preference for young American adults. It is also social norm for young males to play video which would explain the Caucasian males I observed playing videos games.


Human communication is the essence of the interpersonal connections expressed by the ability to permanently decipher the meaning of the social contacts realized by means of social-general symbols and meanings, in order to establish some individual or group behavioral changes. The general theory of communication studies the characteristics and the relations between general factors that facilitate the transfer of such a quantity of information from one object to another and, based on the use of operational methods; it recommends ways of establishing some optimal flow of information regimes in different types of systems. In a very broad sense, communication refers to any process through which some information is sent from one element to another, these elements being of biologic nature (we are talking about the communications in the nervous system), technological (telecommunication processes) or social. Interpersonal communication is based on a set of specific human psychomotor processes, the language, where a special place comes to the conscious part, meaning the thinking.

Reflecting on the patrons at the patrons at the recreation center there were various forms of communication taking place. There was verbal and nonverbal communication occurring. The Hispanic guy that observed was using verbal communication on his cellphone. The African American that I observed using the computer and wearing headphones was using nonverbal communication.


The chief means by which human beings communicate with one another. Among the features that distinguish human language from other animals’ communication systems are that it is learned, not inborn; the connection between a word or expression and that to which it refers is in principle arbitrary; it can be used to talk about itself, about events, objects, etc. , not immediately present, or about any novel or unforeseen situation; and it is organized in recognizable patterns on two levels: grammar and phonology. The origins of language are unknown, but since it is unique to man and all speech organs have some other more basic physiological function it is probably of quite recent origin in evolutionary terms. It is estimated that there are some 4000 languages spoken in the world today; countless thousands of others have perished, generally without trace. We use language and writing to understand and express ourselves. Reflecting on my visit to the recreation center the most common language that heard spoken was Spanish and English.

Gender Roles

S. E. Cross and Madson (1997) theorized that girls and young women are more interdependent and concerned with being connected to others and maintaining relationships, whereas boys are more independent and focused on agentic action. Such gender differences may relate to differential patterns of parental cultural socialization that favor girls as being connected to home, community, and traditions, whereas boys are more attuned to messages of racial barriers and bias. These distinctions may lead to greater expression of themes related to family culture and heritage for girls than for boys. In society there are various socially accepted way for males and females to behave. Reflecting on my visit to the recreation center the clothing that patron was wearing aligned with their gender.


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