Obvious and Less Obvious Reasons to Catch a Cold: Lack of Sleep and Dressing Thin

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Do not forget to take your jacket or else you will catch a cold, were my mothers famous last words as I left the house on a cool spring evening. Of course being the typical teenager that I am, I responded, Its not cold outside, I wont need it. Boy, was I wrong. My nave actions eventually lead me to contracting a cold. Looking back, I now realize that not properly dressing for the weather and lacking adequate sleep caused the onset of the dreaded cold.

As soon as the first signs of spring were present, I immediately ran to my closet, and searched for my summer attire. I shed my bulky sweater and exchanged it for a light T-shirt. However, spring weather is extremely unpredictable, and I discovered I was a bit too soon in exchanging my wardrobe. After the sun set, the temperature dropped and wearing only my light clothing made me long for the jacket my mother was holding in her hands. Eventually, as the evening continued, I began to shiver as I stood outside next to my friends and hoped we would go inside soon. I realized that I was inadequately dressed.

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I was not only standing outside in summer clothing on a cold evening, but I was also out until the early predawn hours. When I finally arrived home, I was only able to get four hours of sleep because I had to wake up early and go help out at our store. I was extremely tired and still had to run around and be on my feet in order to help my dad with the smokehouse. Afterwards, I only had enough time to take a shower and grab some dinner because it was Saturday night and my best friend was having a huge birthday party. Once again I had a late night. By the time Sunday came around, I felt so drained that I knew my unhealthy lifestyle was catching up with me, and I could sense I was coming down with a cold.

When Monday morning arrived, I had a fever and a very horse voice. Therefore, one effect of my cold was not being able to attend school. As I sat in my bed, I thought about all the make-up work I faced and how long it would take me to complete it. Additionally, I would not be able to attend the track meet and see my friends compete against their archrivals because my mother would not let me leave the house. I was missing out on so many school events, and could only hear about them over the phone.

My last cold also had a positive effect on my life. It taught me to take care of my body better and live a healthier lifestyle. Whenever I go out, I now dress in layers. Therefore, I am prepared for either cool weather or warm weather. Additionally, I always try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, and try to avoid staying out too late or planning to many things for one weekend. I relax more during the weekend and try not to run my body down, thus weakening my immune system and making me susceptible to colds.

My improper dressing and lack of adequate sleep caused my cold. I had to miss a few days of school, and school functions. I learned how to avoid getting another cold. Being able to completely avoid a cold is impossible, but now I feel wiser and more prepared for the future. I also know that the famous saying, Mother knows best, is actually true and I plan on following her advice from now on.

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