Envirormental Issue of Ocean Pollution: Causes, Impact and Ways of Solution to This Problem

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Causes of Ocean Pollution
  • Impact of Pollution
  • Solutions to Ocean Pollution
  • Conclusion


Ocean Pollution is a massive issue in our world's oceans. Scientists have realized this and many programs have been made to try to clean up our mess. Pollution is killing off species, endangering many, and making many parts of our ocean uninhabitable for some creatures. This is a huge problem, we dump and throw trash into our ocean thinking nothing of it. However sea inhabitants will get caught or consume our trash and die. Animals are being killed and in the millions by our hand, just because we don't want to walk to the trash can, or we do and the company's dump it in because it is cheaper.

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Causes of Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is caused from many things such as dumping, litter, and spills. Some reasons for dumping is cheaper for company to toss it into the water, than buying property to put the trash. Littering is a huge issue surrounding our ocean. People will throw their trash right into the water. Many organizations are working on cleaning our beaches, but if people continue to litter the ocean will be uninhabitable. Trash is killing millions of sea inhabitants, creatures eat, get caught, or will be suffocated by trash. Throwing trash into the ocean killing animals, just from not walking to the trash can or the recycling bin. Spills are another big issue, when ships sink or oil rigs break; millions of gallons or materials get dumped into the ocean. It is almost impossible to clean all the oil out.

Impact of Pollution

Pollution is very impactful on our seas. Pollution is murdering millions of creatures. Habitats are consumed by trash, destroying them. Pollution will destroy our ocean if we don't clean up and stop polluting.

Solutions to Ocean Pollution

There are many solutions to ocean pollution. Many organizations have been made to try to clean up our mess. People can do there part by cleaning up their messes. Recycle your plastic and when trash is seen pick it up. Most people think picking up one piece of trash won't affect anything, however it does. If everyone picks up one piece everyday then the world will have seven billion less pieces everyday. Use hard containers instead of plastic bags so that alone will reduce littering, and pollution by a massive percentile.


In conclusion, ocean pollution is a massive issue surrounding our world's waters. Society needs to do their part and not litter. Company's need to not do cheaper means such as dumping. The world is almost entirely water. As a species we are murdering our planet. As a species it is a requirement to clean our ocean, the mess we caused.

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