Odessa – a Real City Legend

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Odessa is not just a city surrounded by legends and myths, but a real city legend. Myths Pearl began to grow into overgrown with the first minutes of its existence. It seems that when laying the first stone something out of the ordinary happened. Today we will tell the legend about how roads and sidewalks were carpeted in Odessa. This is a rather curious story.


As everyone knows, Odessa was built from material that was mined near the city. Then the Pearl gradually grew and the catacombs were under the city. At first, the most diverse peoples lived here: Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Moldovans, Romanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Albanians, and so on. It was this mixture that formed the basis for the emergence of the Odessa phenomenon. Yes, thanks to the mixture, a unique Odessa flavor appeared.

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Separately, we will dwell on the fact that humor accompanies the residents of Odessa and the region since the appearance of each settlement. There is plenty of evidence. And the scam turned grand. So it turns out that in the history, which relates directly to the paving of the pavement, all of the above aspects are connected together.

What happened while laying the road?Everyone who has been to Odessa knows that there are many cobblestone pavements in the city. Deribasovskaya example. The road surface is smooth and every pebble does not protrude and does not form irregularities. This can be achieved only if you use a special technique.Odessans have created a huge rink. The weight was a few tons. In order to move it, it was necessary to have a dozen oxen. To be precise – 24 oxen. After performing the work, the cast-iron skating rink was parked on an empty square and no one looked after it. Yes, everyone believed that hijacking such transport is simply impossible.But, as history shows, the word “impossible” does not exist for Odessa residents.

One day, one fine morning, this hulk appeared on the Tiraspol outpost, slowly leaving the city. He was accompanied by a team consisting of Bessarabian Moldovans. The officers of the outpost were surprised and wondered where the cast-iron monster was heading? Moldovans, not embarrassed, replied that he was going to work in Chisinau.

Employees of the outpost did not satisfy this answer. They continued to ask the attendants. It turned out that the Moldovans brought to the city to sell charcoal. After they sold their goods, young people approached them and asked to deliver the rink to Chisinau. For this work, they promised the Moldovans to pay 100 rubles.You understand that the road is far, the carriers are not familiar. Accordingly, 2 guys were asked to leave, as a pledge only 25 rubles. Yes, 100 is more than 25. Here are the carriers and they decided. They gave the boys a quarter, harnessed oxen and dragged the rink to Chisinau.

As you probably guessed, there was no particular urban or state need to move the rink. Just enterprising young people decided to earn. By itself, the ministers of the outpost did not let the skating rink out of the city. On the contrary, they forced the carriers to return the rink to the place where it was. At the same time, no one was going to return 25 rubles to them.

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