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Of Mice and Men is a touching fiction followed by tragic tale taken place during the great depression in the united states in the 1930s It is written by author John Steinbeck, 1937. The novel tells the story of two men, Lennie, and George, with diverse personalities who have yet managed to shape a stable bond. The two men share a dream which they hope to fulfill, however, Lennie’s child-like behavior due to his mental disability will cause them to face conseqences throughout the adventure of the novel.

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The novel is written in third person. The plot focuses on the two main characters; George and Lennie. George is a gentle man, very small compared to his dear companion. Lennie, a giant, extremely strong individual with child-like behavior seems to lack understanding of the world and society around him. They are two migrant farm-workers in the countrysides of California. The two were forced to leave their previous job, as Lennie had been accused of rape due to him being mentally challenged. He likes to pet soft things, however, he is blind of his own powers and strengths and often goes uncontrollably overboard. Now, they share a common dream of a farm with animals and rabbits thereof which Lennie will tend, or as they call it ...“to live off the fatta the lan” Now it is all about working hard to make that dream come true.

This novel is great, not just because of how beautifully it was written but also how so many aspects have been compressed into such a tiny novel. This is something I myself like very much as I tend to get tired when reading such heavy and bulky books. I like it when a book is short but with great meaning -- not too long of a story. The tale changes the way one would view racism and prejudice, which is an ongoing occurrence throughout the novel. The novel includes occurrences where violence and sex are practiced, along with powerful swearing. Therefore, I would not recommend young individuals to read the novel but rather someone around 14 and older.

The novel is brilliantly plotted.Of Mice and Men literary analysis shows that the tale was extremely gripping -- I couldn’t seem to stop reading the book. I was always excited for what would occur next in the story, a very inspiring story indeed. The tale has a tragic end, something one would never guess, like a powerful turning point. It left me in a sad state of mind for days, it really hit me hard. I wouldn’t miss this brilliantly composed novel, it is well worth reading, and it will most certainly change the way you see how unlucky life can be, and how difficult the circumstances and the ways of living were in this era. Like George said, “guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family.”  I would give Of Mice and Men 5/5 points. It will certainly remain as one of the most emotional and powerful novels I have ever come across.  

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