Off-White: Italian Luxury Fashion Label

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Off-White: Italian Luxury Fashion Label

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Off-white is an Italian streetwear and luxury fashion label founded by Ghanaian-American creative designer Virgil Abloh in Milan, Italy in 2012. He graduated from the Institute of Technology with a master’s in architecture in his home town Illinois. After garnering fans with his streetwear brand, Pyrex Vision, he officially launched Off-White in 2014. Their core value of the brand is to be made from the best available material regarding fabric, fit and fabrication, which is to be a young brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manner. The main consumer that this company is targeting are the ‘generations of millennials’ which is one of the remarks he made on his brand.

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The products that he produces not only focus on streetwear and fashion clothing, but also sportswear like, shoes where he collaborated with Nike. Which is one of the biggest collaborations of sportswear together with designer since Kanye’s ‘YEEZYS’ for Adidas. This further shows that Virgil Abloh is continuing to expand his target market to a wide range of consumers through footwear.

With reference with product marketing, Off-White strive to make a continuous effort to further improve their shirt quality and to come up with innovative shirt designs that will attract the millennials. Which explains that if a product being advertised is of a higher quality than its competitors, it can make a huge difference if the consumers actually buys the product. In terms of their marketing concepts, to be able to sell their products to the millennials, they first have to understand their needs and wants. They also have to identify the demands of the target market, which will then successfully achieve their organizational goals and meet the consumers desired satisfaction better than their competitors. Due to the fact that Off-White are both the fashion industry and streetwear clothing market, they have a lot of big competitors. But the top three competitors are Givenchy, Vetemens and Balenciaga.

The chosen product are the collections of clothes that Off-White sells, the two sub categories of the shirts are Spring/Summer(ss) and Fall/Winter(fw). The clothes product ranges from shirts to jackets and hoodies. But the most popular among the clothes is Off-White Caravaggio design, where paintings of the 17th century arts are at the fronts of the shirt and the signature diagonal stripes at the back. The main design of the clothes are the brand name and identity of the company, where the brand name is almost always on their product. However, there are logos and images like the use of diagonal lines and simple citations on the product all forms the brand’s specific trademark. Another type of consumer that buys Off-White products are called HypeBeast, where they mainly collect and buy expensive designer clothing that are in trend for the sole purpose of impressing others. The function of the product is mainly to show off and prove that the person is updated to the latest fashion trend. But the actual function of the product is to cover our body from the environment.

As for the brand strategy that are adopted for the product, it is well known for their stripped logo which resembles a lot like the zebra crossing that everybody uses. It helps with the branding of the product personality as people are always surrounded by the logo, like parking spots, traffic signs, which help encourage the consumer to finds images, which boost the brand value to the consumer which lets them gain a personal attachment. But branding strategy doesn’t jus end there, the packaging that comes with the product also helps with the branding strategy. One of the many unique features of the product is the packaging, which give the consumer an industrial looking see-through bag with the signature diagonal stripped lines. Also, the clothing will include a unique zip tie and gel tag with the brand’s trademark, making it feel personal to the consumer. When compared to their competitors, like Givenchy, they have to put their brand name on the product to help consumer identify that it is their product. But in off white branding strategy, without having to put their brand name, by simply looking at the diagonal strips, they immediately know that it is off white. As all the product is directly produced by the company itself, they have control over how it is being branded.

One of the most recent campaign that off white held was the limited-edition rainbow capsule that was only exclusive to Singapore with only limited amount of stock available. The integrated marketing communications tools that off white used for this campaign is mostly on social media platform like Instagram and twitter. Because of the limited amount of stock available, and due to the fact that it is exclusive, the demand from the consumer was very high because they want to be apart of the ongoing trend. The demands from the consumer was very high is because before the production of the product, the information from the social media platform indicated that it is a limited edition made the consumer feel the want to be part of it by having some of the limited product. Of course, with high demand and low amount of stock, the cost of the product was hundreds of dollars for a piece of the product like shirt. The campaign was a success because within two days the products was completely sold out, and the resale price of the limited products was a lot more than the retail price which shows that consumers are willing to pay more money just to posses their product. This campaign also increased their business as consumers relates that having clothing products from off white makes them feel special and shows that they are always updated to the latest trend.

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