One of the Most Important Skills that Adults Need When Learning: Time Management


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Learning is a process that requires maximum attention and concentration. For the learner to acquire the basic concepts related to their course of learning, they have to concentrate on the learning process. Adult learning is not an exemption to this provision. Time management is the determinant factor in the learners’ concentration. The application of prioritizing skills enables the learner to plan the course of learning actions against the time provisions. Although planning ad time management is perceived as a virtual among every adult, this assumption is contrary when it comes to the learning process. Although prioritizing has been ranked among the key pillars of successful adult learning, a research shows that over 60% adult learners lack prioritizing skills (Jowett, 2015).

Among the importance of prioritizing skills in adult learning is enhancing order. With prioritizing skills, the adult learner will have the knowledge to plan various learning activities. The learner will develop a schedule on what to do and when to do it. The planning of events ensures a smooth learning process with the minimal collision of learning activities. According to Tight (2014), the adult learner will place important learning tasks at the top of the list. This gives them a chance to track the learning process and ensure that important activities are not omitted. Through planning, efficient learning process takes place.

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Prioritizing skills drive the learner to effective time management (Tight, 2014). In any learning process, time is a limited resource. Poor time management leaves some tasks such as assignments not attended to. With prioritizing skills, the learner will manage their time properly and ensure that everything is done at the right time. The course load in adult learning increases the perception that there is no adequate time in handling all the recommended classwork activities. The limited time available for the learners requires them to have the right priorities in their classwork, which is enhanced by prioritizing skills (Jowett, 2015)

The effective learning process is goal based. The prioritizing skills enable adult learners to define their learning activities and when to attend to the activities such as classwork and assignments. During this stage, the learner will establish the objectives to achieve. Prioritizing will enable the learner to major on the most critical learning processes that will enable them to meet their set goals and objectives of the learning process. This drives the learner towards a productive learning process.

In adult learning, among the inhibiting factors are limited resources. Unlike young learners, the adult scholars have tight schedules because of job and family among other commitments (Tight, 2014). This limits their available time for learning activities. Capital is also limited because of their wide range of responsibilities. In order to overcome this aspect, adult learners require prioritizing skills. These skills help the learner to evaluate what is important in a particular context, enabling them to achieve proper resource management. It is commonplace to find that the learners may have family and work commitments struggling for attention with the course load activities. An adult learner exhibiting prioritizing skills will postpone a friend’s appointment and attend to their homework.

In general, the effectiveness of adult learning is bound to prioritizing skills. Prioritizing skills are the pillars towards planning, time management and effective allocation of resources. With prioritizing skills, adult learners exhibit excellent learning skills such as maximum concentration, getting course-related tasks attended appropriately and on time and passionate learning. The aspect of prioritizing in learning enables the adult students to concentrate more on the gained knowledge and not good grades.

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