One of the Sad Moments of My Life

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As we know, human life is a paradox, composed of both joys and sorrows. Sometimes, life gives you unexpected surprises that make you sad, and become the worst memory of your life. I also have a very sad moment in life that makes me cry, whenever I recall it.

In 2015, I used to work at Axis Bank Ltd. I was posted in a very small village, and the people were very kind and friendly. I made many good relationships because in my job I had to do some surveys by visiting the customer’s house. A customer, whom I can never forget, was 45 years old named S.Dyal Singh, was one of the potential customers of our branch. He always treated me as his daughter because he was alone; his whole family is settled in Canada, due to his business and property he was staying there. In my job, I had some achieve some targets: Policies, Insurances. Uncle (S. Dyal Singh) always helped me to achieve my target by finding strong clients. He was so kind and jolly. He came to our office and made us laugh with his humor. All employees from my branch enjoyed his company.

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I can remember the day vividly, it was 22 December. As I reached to my office, the pantry boy told me that uncle Dyal Singh died last night due to a heart attack. Nobody was in his home to take him to the hospital, and he gave up the ghost. When I heard this, I felt so bad and unable to control my emotions. I cried a lot. It was a blue day for all of us. After two days, I and my manager went to his ceremonial occasion. I was in shocked because before a day of his death, I met him, and he told me that he is going to Canada to see his newborn granddaughter. I can see happiness in his eyes to see his family, and he said tomorrow he will organize a small treat for us, but who knew, he will not be in the world to see tomorrow. In this situation, I realized that families need to be stick together. If he had any person at his home to take him to hospital, then maybe he is alive today.

Strong bonds aren’t solely created by blood relations, sometimes love, but trust and respect will build a powerful relationship that someone can always remember in his/her entire life. In my life, I created the same relationship with him that I will always remember. Surprises like this were, and always will be an unexpected gift for all. I pray for his soul to have rest in peace.

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