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“Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos” Will Durant. The Mayans have been known for leaving their culture behind without a trace. About two thousand years ago, the Mayans created a strong civilization that was more advanced than the Americans. They were known for developing a written language which was hieroglyphs and invented the mathematical concept of zero. The Mayans developed a complex and accurate calendar system.The Mayans have built many temple-pyramids, palaces, ball courts, and grand plazas. However, the Mayans were guardians of their culture and they are working to rediscover the ancestor past as they are looking forward to the future. Mayan religion has a unique historical, which can tie into why they disappeared without a trace.The Mayans are a culture that has many arts, architecture, and religion artifacts that are being examined by archeologist and are still being made by more modern Mayans. Mayan civilization has a unique culture that has many mysteries behind it.

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The Mayan architecture is a culture that has a unique way of expressing their architecture artifacts. Some structures that they built was the pyramid “El Castillo” in Spanish and in English, it is “the castle” which is at the center of Chichen Itzа. In the 7th century “El Castillo” turned out to be a solar calendar it was known for its famous phenomenon that occurs twice a year which is at spring and in fall which is called equinoxes when two midpoints in the sun’s yearly cycle. While the equinoxe’s sun is setting a play of light and shadow creates an appearance of a snake that makes its way down the pyramid to a diamond backed snake which is composed of seven or triangular shadows it seems as the sun gave the snake a life when the sun appears on it and makes the snake pattern down the staircase. The Mayan architecture has many significant items for it culture. There were other Mayan architectural artifacts that has been left behind to admire and are important for their culture. Mayan art has a unique form of describing the architecture and religion. Mayan art has a better interpretation of portraying their religion and many architectures.

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