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The National Honors Society is an elite organization that validates students who embody principles of righteous morality and ethics. Getting inducted into the National Honors Society, an organization founded on character, scholarship, leadership, and service, is a great opportunity to be example of National Honor Society. In this essay I'll prove that I portray a distinguished character with academic initiative, qualities that exemplify a leader, and a superior representation of Johnson High School. My parents have always encouraged me to bestow my best effort into everything I do. I have consistently utilized this philosophy and by doing so, I have set high standards for myself centered on my scholarship, leadership, service, and character. I yearn to be a part of the organization for various reasons such as, I want to give back to my community and to those who need it and I wish to prove to myself and to my family that I am capable of anything if I apply consistent effort. My academic achievements, personal qualities, and dedication serve as proof that will aid me in developing the character needed to serve and meet all the expectations of the National Honors Society to the fullest extent.

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Why My Character Fits the National Honors Society Standards

To begin with, my eagerness to excel in all aspects of life assists in demonstrating my exemplary character and why I should be acknowledged by the selection committee. For instance, I was a vital member of the South Hall Cross Country team and managed to maintain my position in being the most valuable player. Whereas, in my high school freshman year, I started the season off by being ranked low within my team. Yet, with determination and willingness to improve, I earned a spot on the varsity team and placed high in competition meets. My perseverance in Cross Country has worked in my favor as I’ve received various awards including “Freshman/Rookie Of The Year” and “Most Valuable Player 2017 South Hall Cross Country.” Furthermore, my teammates acknowledge my efforts to exercise positive influence and inspire a productive drive within them. I believe that I could inspire motivation and confidence in those in the Honors Society, I am proud to be a member and example of the National Honor Society. Ultimately, my willpower to overcome obstacles proves my strong sense of self-control that allows me to reach the desired goal.

Not only do I possess the avidity to perform effectively, but I also procure the scholarly ability required to be a National Honors Society member. I firmly believe that scholarship has nothing to do with being the most skilled or intellectual individual. Instead, I acknowledge that the term revolves around having a curiosity that drives one to not only enjoy learning new things but to also have the persistence to apply oneself to understanding difficult concepts. I strenuously depict this particular concept throughout my academic career. As a child, I constantly moved from various schools which overall affected my ability to grasp the material that was taught. However, when I finally settled down, I took the initiative to not only meet the criteria but also surpass the regular academic expectations. In addition, I always admired a challenge, thus explaining my acceptance into JISA. The program aids in “teaching students how to think and how to learn at an advanced level that challenges them intellectually” (What is JISA, Johnson Highschool). In JISA, I maintain high averages in all seven of my honor classes. Not to mention, my academic performance and GPA, being 4.0, has allowed me to gain multiple certificates such as the “Scholar-Athlete Award.” I characterize myself as being intelligent as well as competent, meaning I seek challenging assignments and display proficiency. These particular aspects will overall benefit the National Honors Society due to the reason that it ensures that activities are goal-oriented and productive. Not to mention, members would be inspired to be more proactive beyond their roles. My concentration, self-discipline, and sustained perseverance in my studies, consistently represent the desirable qualities to achieve these particular benefits.

To justify that I am an eligible candidate, I will note my service contributions as well as my leadership roles. For the sake of brevity, I will focus on my past involvement in the Iron Giraffe Challenge, an attempt to raise money to service the citizens of South Sudan by providing access to clean water. I held a crucial role in the challenge as I contributed ideas and exercised a positive influence on peers. Equally important, I provided dependable and well-organized assistance. I illustrated posters and distributed them throughout the entire school which demonstrates my initiative in promoting the challenge. In addition, I showed courtesy to assisting teachers and elaborated ideas with their assistance. My peers and I willing represented the 6th-grade class and conducted a fundraiser that overall attracted an abundant amount of students. In brief, my peers and I successfully gained approximately nine hundred dollars. As noted, I am highly dependable and I have empathy for others. My qualities will impact the National Honors Society because I will not only participate but will also produce consistent work and effort. Furthermore, my empathy toward others will benefit the Honors Society. I will gain connections with those who I service because I will acknowledge their feelings and understand their perception. During my services, I have recognized that the satisfaction of volunteering is not found in accumulating hours to meet graduation requirements, it is because I realize that service builds character and provides learning opportunities.


In essence, I am honored to be among exemplary individuals who were given the chance to be example of National Honor Society. My main motif within this essay is to prove that I possess all qualities required by the program and that I am qualified for entrance into the illustrious organization. My strong ambitions to prosper have built and will continue to build upon my principles of character, scholarship, service, and leadership. I pledge to myself that I will continue to exemplify honorable morality and ethics throughout my involvement in the program. I strongly believe that my integrity, humility, and reliability, will make a profound impact on the National Honors Society. Respectfully, I hope to be considered for placement in this prestigious organization to demonstrate my virtuous character.

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