Online and Traditional Education: What is Better?

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The spread of computer technology has facilitated the emergence of innovative educational systems and the active development of remote education forms. Today, many people seeking higher education face difficult choices, such as being trained at a traditional high school / university, being literally trained, and using their computers to communicate with people with knowledge and information.

The decision of a particular student can be influenced by various factors and the main purpose of this white paper is to examine these factors in the framework of online and traditional education. The main papers are: Supporters of online education say that high-quality, affordable tertiary education is not currently attending seminars and lectures on a daily basis for five years, while traditional educational advocates say that many students, in turn, Is required.

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It is important at first to point out that distance education is a gradual type of education that links teachers, learning materials and students geographically far apart in the learning process (Smith, Ferguson and Caris, 2001). Of course, distance education does not solve all educational problems, but in some cases new information technology can be used to solve many important problems of higher education (Meyer, 2002). In this way, you should consider the objective reasons for choosing distance learning compared to traditional teaching methods.

The first point is the cost of training. Comparing the cost of online education and general education, we find that online schools and colleges do not need to rent classrooms or pay for housing demand, making online education more affordable for students (Kirtman, 2009). Therefore, the total expenditure on education can be deducted from the travel expenses for the institute / university and the apartment rent during the research period. In addition, students can choose their own time to study all materials, so they can use time in a more flexible way and save more time on other important things.

The second point is the ability to choose your own learning speed. Curriculum materials, exams, and exams are available to students at any time during online training, and traditional education provides a specific time frame for everything that accesses training materials and ends with testing time (Lynch, 2004). As far as students are concerned, individuals can independently choose the amount of time and amount of material they study. This is especially beneficial for those who have already received basic education and have decided to expand their knowledge.

Finally the third point is access to famous universities, educational programs and courses. Students (or company employees) who are studying in a traditional way may be interested in parallel learning for specific courses, disciplines, and programs at other schools / colleges. The technology of distance education allows people to achieve this goal and examine multiple disciplines simultaneously from multiple institutions, while traditional education limits the possibility of simultaneous presence in multiple locations.

In conclusion, it's important not to lose two key features that make online education attractive to many students. These traits are the flexibility and cost advantages of getting higher education in the area of choice for people who have been deprived of this opportunity in the past. Quality, flexibility and cost remain the main reason why future college-educators choose higher education programs.

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