Online Education Vs Traditional Education: Pros and Cons

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Nowadays we can see fast-moving development now communication and information technologies in the world and their huge influence on the way of life of people, especially in life of young persons. There are numerous statistics concerning that It has been observed in recent years use of these technologies especially in educational activities. Thus, the use of online services in secondary, tertiary and postgraduate education has increased many times, while at the same time people are changing t he educational process from physical to virtual, add many online courses to their curriculum. It is enough to called 21st – Century Digital Skills. So online education vs traditional education: who will win?

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Many experts and specialists of pedagogical sciences think that online learning is more effective, but others do not agree. First of all, it should be noted that despite the words of experts and experts in pedagogy, the concept of 'better' or 'worse' is always subjective. This means that 'better' for some will not necessarily be the same for you.

The first thing that needs to be said is online education is affordable. It is enough to have an internet connection. Indeed, the format of such training is accessible to all, regardless of health, age or well-being. It is true that online education is a perfect learning model: all people have equal rights and opportunities. On the other hand, we can observe that, at the same time, it is not possible to clarify a moment unclear to the student directly in the learning process, and it is not known what part of the material the learner remembered. According to some experts, traditional teaching has an effective teaching methodology that follows this pattern (teacher-student, student-student). In such training, the teacher tries to check the content of the student, to understand how much material the student has understood and to help with unclear concepts.

Another good thing about online learning - mobility is that everyone can design a comfortable schedule and organize their own learning space. In this case, the traditional school has a defined rules: timetable, tutorials, a list of disciplines to study, exams and designated classes to study. The strongest point, according to some experts, that traditional school is socialization. In other words, it is at school that the process of acquiring the necessary communication skills and cultural norms continues.

There is undeniable that online learning is economy of time and money. It is not necessary to spend money to get new knowledge - there are many free courses on the Internet. It is very convenient: the only thing you spend on education is a bit of free time.

However, along with many positive features, the authors also identify some limitations of online learning. Yes, online learning is shorter than traditional training and in some cases less effective. First, it may be caused by a student's lack of elementary self-discipline and self-motivation, which, of course, will not facilitate effective self-study of new material. Second, it may be related to the individual characteristics of the learner, such as when a person is able to absorb new information only in a sound form.

All things considered we can say that online learning and traditional learning are considered as specific organizational forms of learning. Online learning is a new form of organization of the educational space, which overcomes the limitations related with the place and time of education. A special feature of self-education is the independence and personal responsibility of the person for the choice of the program, the timing of studying and quality of its passage. Traditional school has a commitment to a single national educational traditions and state educational standards through the use of modern communication. Traditional teaching is a special pedagogical technology in the organization of the educational process, characterized by the peculiarities of the strategy and tactics of interaction of the teacher with student with carriers and sources of new knowledge for him.

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