Operational Excellence in the Organization

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Today’s competitive world and global market scenario force organizations to respond proactively to never ending challenges so as to survive and accomplish excellence in their business to succeed as well as to sustain.

The Organizations which do not meet their market needs and end up shutting down their business operations is not only due to defective deliverables they produce for their customers but it is mainly due to inefficiencies accumulated within the Organization.

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Organizations strive to achieve success by carrying out short term improvement programs which are merely implementing the programs and not imbibing the improvement in the day-to-day works. In such cases the Organization may obtain good results but after certain period of time the state of Organization rolls back to its initial bad condition, wherein one needs to reinitiate the improvement program to obtain good results, this indeed requires investment of time, money and resources to achieve it. In such a case the investment may exceed the returns, which certainly leads to the loss in business.

The best way to respond to the challenges and sustain the saga of success is through initiating and incorporating the Operational Excellence in the Organization. Operational Excellence is a very vast field of study and it takes couple of years or a decade to achieve it in the real business operations of any Organization.

Operational Excellence is complete transformation of culture within the Organization, developing and strengthening the management systems and processes of an organization to improve performance and create value for stakeholders.

Operational Excellence is much more than having a quality system in place. Operational Excellence is about achieving excellence in everything that an organization does (including leadership, strategy, customer focus, information management, people and processes) and most importantly achieving superior results.

Operational Excellence can be driven in an Organization through commitment and deliberate effort to enhance performance by eradicating the internal as well as external inefficiencies and by continuous improvement.

Every Organization strives to acquire whole market pertinent to its domain of products and services. It basically requires better understanding of the customer requirements, fulfillment of the same and retaining the customers by providing best in class service after sale.

In order to fulfill the customer requirements one needs to focus on it through building a proper strategy and align the operations along the same. All of these are interconnected and will go hand in hand.

Therefore, this paper elaborates on the research of the origin and development of different point of views about Operational Excellence, attended by the identification of responsible core concepts and values, criteria, indicators and their assessment.

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