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Opinion: Five Indicators That Mourinho Has Passed His Prime 

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He’s tactically outdated

Looking at all new elite coaches, they now seem to operate high defence and attack line but looking Mourinho, he’s still stuck with his old customary hoofing hoping ball falls into the opponent’s half. He’s not really concerned about keeping possession and controlling the game. Truth be told, Mourinho hasn’t really evolved tactically but still stuck in his outdated style of formation.

His ego doesn’t matter any longer

During his peak as a manager, he was filled with overbloated ego and would take his walk out of a struggling team before being sacked because he had so much believe in himself and coaching system. Mourinho was one of the most sought coaches in Europe and clubs were always on the queue to have him pen his signature on the dotted. Recently, Mourinho is not as regarded as before and that’s why you see a player like Paul Pogba dragging him into a fiddle. When Mourinho was at the peak of his managerial career, a player like Pogba dare not try that.

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He’s too defence conscious

Ever since he arrived at Manchester United, he has signed at least one defender in each of his three seasons. Although, signing defenders isn’t really a bad idea but doing so at the expense of other positions in more need of quality player is not really a good idea. His park-the-bus approach to matches is archaic because most teams boast of many talented attackers. Looking at Manchester United, they are really lacking a right sided attacker who will be a backup for Lukaku but Mourinho seemed to be more interested in squandering a whooping £60m on a 29 year old defender. I really don’t know what he wants to make out of defence because a coach can’t set up a team to defend for 90 mins, they are going to buckle under pressure.

Second season league success

No matter how tough a league was, Mourinho was always certain of a league title in the second season. When he coached Real Madrid, he performed well in the second season winning the most goals scored and most points against the best Barcelona side in history. This is his third season at Manchester united and his performance so far shows that he’s not going to do anything spectacular

He lays blames on everyone after defeats

Mourinho has now become a coach who lays blames on everyone after defeats but takes the glory when they win. You won’t see coaches like Arsene Wenger, Pochetino or Sarri calling out a player for criticism for dribbling in a match.

Gone are those days when Mourinho was adept at defending his players to the core when they fluffed their lines. He knew how to how protect them from media tongue lashing after a thumping. Now Mourinho is always fond of chastising his players openly, quarreling and slating them on the media. A far cry from what he initially stood for.


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