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Opinion On How To Get Rid Of Unemployment In Africa

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“The youth constitute one of the most determining factors of Africa’s development today, because they are innovative and creative. One will argue that their lack of experience is a flaw but I rather think it is their strength. They can explore fields that have never been explored before and come up with new ideas.

In determining how youth unemployment can be solved, the reasons for youth unemployment have to be analyzed and fought against.

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The factor that contributes the most to youth unemployment today is bureaucracy. Eric Kuété, a Cameroonian writer, once stated that in Africa today, opening a church is easier than starting a business and he was right because tough administrative procedures today hinder the expansion of young projects. Added to this is the fact that acquiring necessary documents to start a business venture is not always an easy task because it takes up a lot of time and money. As a result, even those who have the best ideas and projects possible will find themselves giving up because they do not have enough resources.

Thus, I will make administrative procedures as easier as possible for young entrepreneurs. Also, organizing structures that will help them by guiding them on how to effectively complete administrative procedures. This could be made possible by involving public attorneys and legal advisers for those who are still starting their entrepreneurial projects. I believe this will be a great solution as the youth will be given a guiding hand.

Furthermore, in some nations today, governments would rather keep on funding old and dying businesses instead of funding new ones. Changing this will mean giving more subventions to young entrepreneurs and of course setting up commissions to ensure that they make good use of the subventions in question. Everything being equal, the more the subventions, the less the unemployment because people will now be provided with means to start up new projects.

Last but not least, is a change in mentality. The youth must be taught how to strive on their own. That is, not to always depend on bigger structures to be employed. Self-employment is sometimes the best type of employment. They must take initiatives to create and not only create for others.

Identifying what their respective countries need and responding to a demand can only create more self-employment.

The youth must be trained to be leaders on their own such that they will no longer need companies to be employed.

I will achieve this by setting up leadership programs and training that will teach new ways of undertaking business ventures and change the perspective the youth have of entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, the youth just need to be put at the fore front of our economies because our continent’s economic emergence can’t be attained without them.”


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