Optimism and Your Health and Mind: How Optimism Benefits Your Health

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Optimism as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is the quality of being “the quality of being hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something”. The word optimism comes from the Latin word ‘optimum’, which means ‘the greater good. To understand optimism, let us look at traits of optimistic people. To begin with, optimistic individuals create prosperity and well-being for themselves and for people around them. They can look on the brilliant side as opposed to being stuck in negativity. For instance, students usually have to deal with many tests during their academic life. However, thinking of success and the good careers that they will have inspires them to work harder. Their mentality is set in such a way that they have a belief that whatever happens in our life, it happens for a reason.

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They know that if one door is closed, another will open soon. Such people are very encouraging and inspiring for others around them. Second, being an optimist does not mean that life has to be an easy going one, that you had a stunning childhood, or that your life is generally magnificent. Life is life, and it will remain the same for everyone with all its complexities. Sometimes, people face hard situations, experience failure, be subject to sadness, so even optimistic people go through hardships. However, they deal with those situations differently. Therefore, optimism is a choice. A hopeful person is not an ignorant pessimist, but somebody who chooses to emphasize the positive.

Third, optimism has lots of benefits. Perhaps, the most surprising benefit of optimism is its contribution to overall health. According to one study that assessed the connection between optimism and general health in older people, almost 2,300 adults, it was found that individuals who had a positive standpoint were “much more likely to stay healthy and enjoy independent living than their less cheerful peers’. The study also found that people who expect the future to be bright, their levels of stress and anxiety are found to be reduced. Thus, optimistic individuals are usually healthier than those who are usually pessimistic. In conclusion, optimism not only contributes positively to people and those who are around them, makes them understand their reality and how to maintain a positive outlook in the face of hardships and adversity, but also helps those people maintain a healthy body and mind.

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