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Organ Transplant in United States: We Have the Technology But There's More to It

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Imagine having the ability of giving somebody the gift of life just by signing yes on a form. The topic of Organ transplantation initially interested me because of how the procedure is one of the things in medicine that we have the capability to do something about. Before I started researching more about Lung transplantation I acknowledged that the issues preventing patients from ever obtaining life saving organs primarily had to do with the stigma associated with organ donation along with the fiscal issues. I wanted to learn more about the reality of the situation that many patients faced. In order to do so I had to ask the overarching question of how the United States’ government could decrease the number of individuals awaiting lung transplantation. The sub question that stemmed off of this question and helped guide my personal research had to do with whether the United States should provide more options to Americans who await lung transplants, or if the fiscal issues outweigh the benefits. In order to address these questions I started off with researching background information about the topic by simply searching Lung donation in the Gale Ranch Science in Context Database. After getting a solid foundation of the procedure and the statistics associated with the topic I started using more specific search terms that addressed the lenses I was addressing. The research allowed me to come up with my thesis: The United States government ought to elucidate research findings in order to limit patient waiting time and increase the number of available lung transplant options.

After acknowledging my research and synthesizing research with my group members I learned that the situation patient’s face is more daunting than I expected, but if proper action is taken then Organ transplantation will not be as expensive and difficult a process. My IRR concluded that as long as research is shared, more people sign up to become organ donors, and more awareness is given towards this cause, then fiscal issues should diminish and more people should have the opportunity to get their lungs (Odle 2016). As a society, once we are more educated about what organ donation really is we should eventually lose the stigma associated with the topic. By losing the stigma associated with the subject, more people should sign up as organ donors, thus decreasing the financial burden on patients and providing them with a higher chance for finding an organ match (Dalal 2015). One way to combat this is through Apple’s partnership with Donate Life America and its inclusion of a button in its health app letting iPhone users enroll in the National Donate Life Registry (Apple to push organ donation in iOS 10, 2016).

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My research experience with this topic let me see that the credibility of a source can have a drastic effect on your viewpoint of the issue. In order to understand the actuality of what is happening you have to make sure that the source is not biased and is recent. you should also check the author’s qualifications, credentials, and connections to the subject. In order to evaluate the credibility of your sources you need to ask who wrote the text, where was the source published, for whom is the source written (audience), is the piece timely and appropriate for its field, and are you going to end up using the source as a primary or secondary text.My experience with this topic will affect my choices in terms of daily habits and health care options. I do not want to be in a situation where I have to face organ failure so I will take more preventative measures such as improving my dietary choices and taking more trips to the doctor for checkups.

I learned that it is not enough to just use Google to do your research and that in order to obtain better journals and articles you have to use databases.


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