Study of Organic Banana Vinegar

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Study of Organic Banana Vinegar

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Background of the Study

Vinegar is a condiment produce from raw materials such as wine, cider, fruit extract, malt or pure alcohol, and made from sugar and starch on a process of acetic fermentation (Cruess 1958;Tesfaye et al., 2002). Vinegar is one of the oldest fermentation product. The Babylonians around 500BC were using the date palm fruits to produce wine and vinegar to be used as a preservative agent. Vinegar was used to flavor foods, energinizing drink, and used as a medicine. Vinegar has been useful to everyday and the recipe have been handed down for generations.

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Nowadays, organic vinegar is widely acknowledged and one of the needs of people because it has a lot of benefits that affect a person’s healthy lifestyle. Vinegar can be defined as a condiment and it can be use as an ingredient that can brighten up in recipes.

Banana is one of the common fruits among people that can be eaten by any age. And also, banana can be eaten as raw, added in smoothies and uses with desserts. It also has a lot of benefits to health that helps to regulate blood pressure because it has a high level of potassium and has low level of salt. Bananas are full of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6. Therefore, there is a high interest on developing strategies for the delivery of such nutrients and organic vinegar as a strong candidate for the design of an enhanced functional food.

Organic banana vinegar have two fermentation processes that produces enzymes and life-giving nutrients that make it a nutritious powerhouse. This work focuses on vinegar production containing bananas and yeast.

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this study is to find out if banana could also be an alternative source of vinegar. This study can also identify what are the other nutrients that banana have to make vinegar out of it. The study aims to determine the viability and profitability of the proposed plan regarding the manufacturing of banana vinegar in Apalit, Pampanga. Specifically, the researchers seek to answer the following problems regarding the five aspects.

Marketing Aspect

What marketing strategies can be utilized to the proposed study to insure the success of each functioning in terms of:

  1. Product,
  2. Price, and
  3. Place?
  4. What is the projected demand and supply of the product?
  5. Who are the target markets?
  6. What is the projected market share of the proposed product?
  7. What is the expected volume of sales of the firm?

Management Aspect

  1. What are the prerequisites and training that must be attempted during the pre-operating period?
  2. What kind of business arrangement is necessary to deliver an efficient and successful operation?
  3. What management structure must a firm use in parliamentary procedure to function effectively?
  4. What are the duties and obligations of each personnel in the performance of the line?
  5. What are the needed qualifications and number of laborers required to operate the business smoothly?
  6. What is the proper compensation package for personnel involved in production and operation?

Technical Aspect

  1. What machines and equipment are needed for the business?
  2. What are the raw materials to be used, its cost and accessibility of resources?
  3. Where can the researchers acquire raw materials?
  4. What is the estimated purchase capacity of the firm?
  5. What utilities are necessary for the operation?
  6. Where is the ideal site for the proposed business?
  7. What are the steps involved in the establishment of the business?
  8. What are the proper waste disposal methods applicable for the business?

Financial Aspect

  1. What are the best sources of financing?
  2. How much will it cost to start and run the business?
  3. How much is the projected cost for the establishment of the business?
  4. How much is the expected profit in the proposed study after one year?


  1. What is the contribution of the study to the citizens in the country as a whole?
  2. How can the product help to improve the economy?

Objectives of the Study

  1. To make a comprehensive feasibility study that examines the pros and cons of the business proposal, the objective must be carefully stated such as:

Marketing Aspect

  1. To determine marketing strategies that can be applied to the proposed study to ensure the success of each operation.
  2. To evaluate the projected demand and supply of the product.
  3. To determine the target consumers.
  4. To be able to know the projected market share of the proposed product.
  5. To assess the anticipated volume of sales of the firm.

Management and Organizational Aspect

  1. To determine the requirements and preparation that must be undertaken during the pre-operating period.
  2. To determine the business organization that is necessary to deliver an efficient and successful operation.
  3. To know the management structure a firm must utilize in parliamentary procedure to function effectively.
  4. To find out the duties and responsibilities of each personnel in the operation of the business.
  5. To establish the required qualifications and the number of laborers needed to run a business efficiently.
  6. To distinguish the proper compensation package for the package for the personnel involve in the production and operation.

Technical Aspect

  1. To distinguish the quality standard of the product that can be sold for reasonable price at the market.
  2. To be able to know the equipment’s needed for the business.
  3. To find out the raw materials to be used, its cost and availability of resources.
  4. To be capable to estimate the purchasing capacity of the business.
  5. To identify the utilities necessary for the operation.
  6. To locate the ideal site where the business is to be established.
  7. To determine the steps involved in the business.
  8. To understand the proper waste disposal methods applicable for the business.

Financial Aspect

  1. To identify the sources of financing.
  2. To know the cost to start and run the business.
  3. To determine the projected cost for the establishment of the business.
  4. To estimate the expected profit in the proposed study after one year.

Socio-Economic Aspect

  1. To communicate the contribution of the study to the citizens of the country.
  2. To find the means of business that can help improve the economy.

Significance of the Study


This study gives knowledge to the researcher on how to make an organic vinegar out of banana. It can be an effective tool for the researcher who wants to start a business with affordable price.

Treating internal health

Organic vinegar has been recently the recommendation of fitness gurus and the experts of natural health. This study will help people who wants to lose weight by drinking fermented banana vinegar. Organic vinegar regulates blood sugar levels to help maintain a normal blood sugar. It can also increase insulin sensitivity because sustaining a high level of insulin can cause insulin resistance that reduces its effectiveness and leads to high blood sugar and diabetes.

Improves Skin Health

This study of producing banana vinegar does not only affect internal health, it also been shown when it comes on treating acne and reducing scarring. It can also helps to fight fungal infections like toenail fungus, jock itch and yeast infections that can be easily treated with the help of banana vinegar. Banana Vinegar have a lot of benefits, it can be use to natural remedy for seasonal allergies. It can act and be use also as a natural deodorant as an alternative.

Acts as a Cleaner

This study will help people to use banana vinegar as an all natural household cleaner in easiest and effective way.

Scope and Limitation

This research about banana vinegar aims to determine the acceptability of these products as an alternative. Students will be covered as part of respondents or sensory evaluation techniques. This product can be sold through direct selling and orders are also accepted from the customer and to those who are willing to purchase our product.

Research Methodology

The methods to be used in the study will be presented. It also describe the subjects of the study, the instrument used, the procedure of data gathering of the study, and the statistical treatment of the data. This study will determine the effectiveness of the Banana Vinegar being an organic condiments.

Method of the Study

The researcher will used Qualitative method and Descriptive method in this study. Qualitative method used to gain reasons, opinions, motivations to uncover deeper in the problem. Descriptive method will depict the fact and information about the study. This includes distributions of survey questionnaires. The survey questionnaires will used to gather data to attain the information about the organic banana vinegar. To make the study complete, the gather information from the survey questionnaire using 400 survey questionnaire and other reading materials. The survey questionnaire composed of 10 questions that have been distributed to the household, supermarket, stores from different place in Pampanga. To obtain the sample size the researcher used the Sloven’s Formula, The formula is n= N 1 + N (e)2

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