Study on Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Within the Indian Retailing Industry

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Organisational citizenship behavior (OCB) is the extra role or the extra mile that the employees take on their own which is not a part of their formal job description. It helps the organization and the employees a lot, very beneficial for both helping them to take the growth trajectory and projectile in a positive curve.OCB is out, very detrimental to the organization creating problems and unwanted troubles stopping the harnessing of skills and knowledge of the efficient team, like a saying, one drop of poison is enough to spoil the whole container of milk. A single person without OCB is very awfully contagious and can be cancerous.

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It includes anything and everything that encompass positive and productive that employees perform, of their own desire and not on coercion. It improves employee productivity, efficiency, customer and stakeholder satisfaction, reduces attrition rate and absenteeism, creation of a conducive and supportive work environment which is always motivating and give them the opportunity to exhibit their “ASK”-attitude, knowledge and skills.

It is a spontaneous skill and inventiveness initiated by the employees, performance appraisal and performance evaluations are encouraged by the management with proper training and development and working towards organization’s goals and achievements. It is intangible and perceived, not always rewarded and or recognized, and notion of helping and being friendly cannot be quantified. It endows with a social and psychological environment in which chore and work can flourish and be taken.

Formalization or officially expecting adoption of OCB by all the employees may lead to imbalance in job and may affect the work-life balance, if unrecognized and unacknowledged may also lead to lower motivational levels, ensuring positive OCBs not turning in out as negative is also equally important.

Change is the only thing permanent, working under transforming environment has become an essential part of the evolving and revolutionary organizations showing explosive growth and concerned about employees’ growth. Also an employee’s personal traits and qualities contributes to go beyond the work.

Retailing industry in India

Retailing industry has materialized as one of the growing and demanding sector which contributes 8-10% of GDP and provides employment to 8%.Ranked fifth in global destination in retailing and factors contributing to it are augmentation of internet usage, fast growth of urban planning and rich and affluent middle class with increase in disposable income and changing life styles. This is share of organized retail sector and if unorganized is included, the numbers will increase, and is expected to increase by 60% to reach US$1.1 trillion by 2020, and number of Indians using digital e-commerce has become more.

The government of India has pioneered reforms to attract FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) of 51% in multi brand retail and 100% in single brand retail. India has become a favourite nucleus point for many brands and e-commerce and digitalization has played a critical role. Customers have eternally greater than ever pick of products at the lower rates and this inclination will prolong in the years to come. Retailers should influence the digital retail conduit which would enable them to expend at a decreased level and to reach customers at tier-II and tier-III cities apart from metro cities.

The various tribulations faced by the Indian retail industry are

  • Contending with international qualities.
  • Many methodical inefficiencies and logistics and supply chain framework.
  • Constraints in space in outlets, not according to international standards.
  • Setting hypermarkets and supermarkets across all locations to meet customer requirements and necessities with the increasing customer demands.
  • Swindles figured as vendor thefts, illegal registrations and administrative dodges causing major causes of challenges and blockades in the growth of the industry.
  • Fragmentation or unorganized in various sectors does not represent the actual contribution from each category.

The following figure shows the % wise classification of organized and unorganized retail sectors in various countries.


Now-a-days women are taking up both the responsibilities – a professional maker and a home maker, and harmonizing between the functional responsibilities have made it tough for her to be successful in both the roles. At times she sacrifices the profession to take care of the family to a certain extent. Retailing is a booming sector and money-spinning profession, where flexible work timings are permitted, which makes it for women. Her inborn talents of merchandising and perseverance also add up to this profession.

Women become entrepreneurs, many in unorganized sectors, whether she is selling vegetables, flowers, milk, owning a small food shop or doing any other activity to support financially the family and to raise the standard of living.

Convenience and time utility has made women to work in this sector, as she is able to choose the product and timing. In organized sector depending on their learning prerequisite and familiarity, she is given roles to perform and incentives or overtime pay to be in the profession. Women like to explore and their curiosity in exploring and reading the human mind and the attitude to do physical assistance make them prefer in retailing.

Coimbatore-known as “Manchester of South India” with all leading brands and malls establishing their markets and one of the paramount budding cities and ranked fourth among Indian cities in investment climate and 17th among the top global outsourcing cities. Coimbatore has been selected as one of the hundred cities to be urbanized under the Prime Minister’s Smart Cities Mission.

From the era of independence itself, women started working in cotton mills in various shifts, in the manufacturing of cotton yarn and textiles and extended to the nearby districts of Tirupur and Erode. Changing lifestyles and increase in the disposable income with existing fashions in market and the peeping of digital connectivity and social media has created job opportunities in the market.

Determination is one of the immense individuality of women, apart from that they enjoy working with people with enthusiastic, flexible positive attitude , empathetic and understanding a really needy and anxious customer who wants to complete the shopping, especially when it comes to food and grocery, which is also a women conquered area.


This study was conducted among 200 women who work in retail sector in Coimbatore city.216 questionnaires were distributed ,out of which 16 were incomplete, questions being unanswered and options unfilled.

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