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Overcoming Homelessness and Finding a Home

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A Light in the End of a Tunnel

Finally, I want to say that,although I may have been homeless and struggled throughout my youth, my lifewas truly changed for the better, my character humbled, and my faithstrengthened. I truly recognized that, when I allowed other to help me not onlygrow financial or materialistically, but rather spiritually, mentally, psychologically,my expectations were exceeded, and my life forever changed in a way I never thoughtwas even possible.My faith was strengthenedbecause God had answered many of my prayers. Being homeless was not easy. I struggledwith depression and stress during this time. I also read my bible several timesa day, as if I was a monk or priest, hoping things would get better. I would askGod to just take the pain, hurt, and sorrow away. God had heard my modest cry andblessed me to become a member of Mr. Keith’s family. Though years went by, andI often wondered if God was even listening, he answered. At times I felt likeGod had forgotten all about me, but I held on to my faith and never gave up.I wasas Job in the bible. He had lost everything he had, yet he held steadfast andtrusted God. I came to realize that God had been building up my faith.

Luck Smiled at Me

God hadset so many obstacles in front of me that I should have given up, but I didnot. I held on and stayed strong. I smiled when it hurt, I held back tears thatshould have fallen, and I refused to give up on life. I put all my trust, hope,and faith in God, believing he was going to make a way and that he did. I was humbled by the factthat, there was a man with his wife and ten children of his own, yet he did nothesitate to open his home to me. He took me in and told me “not to worry, don’tbe afraid, and keep moving forward.” I was amazed and in awe of the thoughtthat someone with such a large family would allow me to come into his home andconsider me nothing less than one of his own children, making me child numbereleven. Mr. Keith and his family were so welcoming and showed me so much love. Icould have never imagined a mindset like this. It was a new road to freedom, aroad that would carry me far. Being humble meant being modest, and that I was. The whole time Mr.Keith was helping me I was thinking of I how I could be ahelp to him. Like I mentioned earlier I kept the constant thought of beingundeserving of any of this. Undeserving of the love, the support, and the care,but now I looked at these things as blessings.

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My character was forever humbledbecause there were so many people that cared for me and asked for nothing inreturn but for me to live life. But amid all the joy, my faith increasedtenfold because my prayers had been answered and my needs had been met. My character was humbled insense of thankfulness and gratitude. I stood firm as a rock with tears running downmy face. They were not tears of sadness ofsadness, but tears of joy. I had a continual expression on my face that justsaid thank you God. I felt as if I was so undeserving of this specific blessing.I mean, I had doubted everything including God at times. I was humbled becauseI came into Mr.Keith’s household emptyhanded, yet he was still willing toprovide me with a roof over my head. I built trust instead of barriers, becausenow I had seen if I just put my trust not only in God, but in myself and those willingto help me, then nothing but good thing will present themselves. I was just sothankful for everything. OnSeptember 25, 2016, my life was changed. This was the day Mr.Keith Sivels Sr. andhis family took me in. I had been homeless for a few years. To be exact, I hadbeen homeless for four years. My biological mother was struggling to take careof the last three of her five children on her own. Mr.Keith came to my rescuelike a knight in shining armor. One of his sons, who happened to be my bestfriend, had heard the struggle of the life I was living and informed his dadabout the situation. Mr.Keith initially had brushed it off, but when he hadseen my situation for himself, he swooped in like an eagle, making the decisionto take me into his household. This changed my life tremendously. On September26, 2016, I could say I had my own bed. The night Mr.Keith took me in, it feltas if I were sleeping on a pile of clouds. For the first time in four years, Icould breathe and focus on myself again. In addition to my four biologicalbrothers and sisters, I gained another family. I went from having four siblingsto having fourteen siblings. Though my life was literally changing before myeyes, I soon realized that I, as an individual, was also changing. Previously, Ihad been one who doubted everything that surrounded me, but now I have learnedto build trust and this experience most of all has caused my character tobecome humble.Iendured years of heart ache and pain. I didn’t always know where my next mealwould come from. Parking lots and hallways were my only means of shelter. Ididn’t always know which parking lot I would be calling home, nor did I know ifI would even make it through life. The hardships I faced were difficult toovercome at the time. I could not wait for the day I would finally be free fromthe grasps of the homelessness. I was David trying to battle Goliath.

Everyone Has a Chance

My lifeseemed to be coming to a screeching halt and it was as if I had no hope left atall, but despite the intensity of the storm that faced me, I kept movingforward. Although I may have been homeless and struggled throughout my youth,my life was changed, my character humbled, and my faith strengthened when Ifinally found a home.Overcoming Homelessness


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