Overcoming My Weaknesses: the Reason Why is It Important to Try to Improve a Weakness

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Everyone have their own precious memories of their childhood. For me in particular, the first days of going to school, meeting and getting acquainted with so many teachers and friends ... will always be the memory that has a special place in my heart and it will never be forgotten. In the first days of school, I was always praised by the teacher for drawing beautiful pictures. I study very well in Art but I am not good at Maths. In fact, this is the subject that I am most afraid of. Although the teacher taught and instructed me to do the lesson very carefully and meticulously. However, because I was afraid of this subject, the words she taught me did not come into my mind and I could not understand anything. Knowing that, so she swapped my seat with Ha - one of the best math classmates in the class - to study together. The teacher hoped that if we work together as a group and do exercises, it would make me much better at Maths. Every day, with the help from Ha, I had learned many new Maths’s formulas. Even when we face difficult problems, she had always guided me on how to approach the problems and find solutions. Thanks to her, I had changed completely and learned why is it important to try to improve a weakness. From a weak math student, I began to develop a passion and interest in this subject.

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Once in a math in-class assignment, I couldn't do the work. I spent almost the whole lesson to solve an equation. Near me, Ha saw that and wrote a small note. After that, she crumbles and gently gives it to me. I feel very happy to be helped by her but at the same time feel uneasy in my heart. Then I picked up the paper that was stuffed into the desk. I suddenly remembered the teacher's words: 'Failure is the mother of success.' I don't want to keep myself weak at math. Ha also urged me to open and read the paper. But I myself firmly refused and continued to think about how to do it. When there were only about five minutes left, the lesson time was nearly over, suddenly the teachers' words came to my mind. A few seconds after drafting the formulas, I suddenly found out what I had forgotten a calculation. I hastily fix the work. When the drum signals that announce the end of the class chimed, it was just about the time that I completed the test. I got a good grade later.

Despite all of my effort, I still struggled with the final exam. It contained all the lessons and knowledge that I was taught from the beginning until the end of the year, and it was not an easy job to study for it. Without a doubt, I sure had a hard time with the review. I found it is very hard to remember all the equations, formulas and other knowledge in a short period of time. However, I was no alone, I was not the only one who struggled, there were other classmates who also had the same problem as me. Therefore, we had decided to study together. There were about five of us, we gathered after school and went to the nearest library for studying. I figured out that the weakness we had was not the same. For example, I was weak at graphing, Dong (my friend) was weak at multiplication and Bao was weak at subtraction. We had worked so hard to improve ourselves, and even till now, I am still proud of what I had done. In the end, our efforts had bloomed and we all got good grades.

When the teacher looked at my test, she was happy about it, she admired my efforts and she praised me for being a good student. Ha was also happy when she knew about my grade. She told me that a 7/10 is really amazing, considered that I only score 4/10 from the beginning. To tell the truth, I had cried the day that I received the mark. Now, whenever I face a problem in life, I always remember about those days which I had spent to deal with my Maths weakness so that I can keep moving forward, to overcome my own limitation and prove to others that you can do anything as long as you never give up.

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