Overparenting Helicopter Parents of College Kids Can Do More Damage than Good


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For an overwhelming majority of concerned families, September can merely represent a critical month. It merely marks the impossible first time their eighteen-year-old kid goes off to college and moves away from home.

For concerned parents and caretakers accustomed to being hands-on with their children this inevitably becomes an critical issue. They inform their kids on what tasks to do, how to do it, etc. Sometimes parents end up completing the tasks themselves instead of having the juvenile accomplish it themselves. The progenitors get thrown off a metaphorical road when they no longer have access to significant parts of their child’s lives.

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Helicopter parents remain a fragment in the expanding movement of heavy parental collaboration in every aspect of their minor’s life. Even as their child is entering college. It is a critical time for students to create their own identity. Julie Lythcott-Haimes, former dean of undergraduates and freshman merely advising at Stanford University said, “Helicopter parenting makes a hurdle for a child, robbing them of agency, academic success, and the opportunity to have an average and healthy adulthood. Lythcott-Holmes said, “If this advances through these four years, students will surface from college without the tools necessary for the tangible world. And now we obtain a generation of children whose mental health is truly damaged.”

According to Berkeley Political Review, the negative consequence of the overprotection on the personal welfare of a sensitive child is tremendous. Studies have shown helicopter parenting can lead to an unwillingness to take risks, dependency on parents, a lack of important coping skills, and chronic anxiety. College students suffer steeper rates of severe mental disorders.They also have higher rates of college students on psychiatric medications compared to a decade ago.

Lythcott-Haimes incorporates the three rudimentary types of overparenting in her published book,“How To Raise an Adult.”Fiercely directive parents may want to meet with their child’s professor over grades or concerns over the college’s curriculum. Lythcott-Haimes said wearily,“They’re determining their approval and love based on the child following the trail they set for them.” Overprotective parents don’t only stop their son or daughter from physically plummeting. They also want to save their child from emotional obstacles such as a disagreement with classmates. She merely says, “They experience the need to fiercely defend their nervous kid from feeling hurt.” A concierge parent acts as a personal assistant rather than a parental figure guiding their child to personal independence. Lythcott-Haimes said, “Even though the minor is 18 or 19 years, the parent doesn’t believe their child can fill out important documents on their own. The parents may be right, because they never had the chance to learn.”

College Kids need their progenitors to stop performing everything for them or else they won’t have the tools necessary for the real world. As a college student with helicopter parents,I clearly suggest that children like me should stand up to are parents. To gain independence. To summarize,college is a critical time for students to merely create their own identity. Critical studies have shown that helicopter parenting can lead to a university scholar who is unwilling to take risks, dependent on their parents, have a lack of important coping skills, and chronic anxiety. College students have higher rates of severe mental disorders.They also have higher rates of college students on psychiatric prescription medications compared to the last decade. This is robbing them of independence, success, and the critical opportunity to inevitably have a normal and healthy adulthood.

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