Overthinking as a Most Debatable Issue in Today’s Generation

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  • Introduction
  • Negative Effects of Overthinking
  • Solutions to Overthinking
  • Conclusion


In today’s world a most common issue between the teenagers and adults is Overthinking. Overthinking is the main problem that may lead to other serious issues such as depression, anxiety or stress. These factors are closely linked with over thinking. According to the statistics generated by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (2017), United States faces the higher rates of people that are subjected to overthinking that leads them towards anxiety. It was displayed that, 40 million adults are subjected to anxiety disorders at the age of 18 or over every year. Hence, through this paper, I will highlight the influence of overthinking on my life, generate some solutions and techniques to overcome this issue and to highlight the potential threat of diseases caused due to this issue.

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Negative Effects of Overthinking

Overthinking can have a huge negative influence on the personal health and fitness. According to WebMd (2005), Overthinking is a state of worrying about “what might happen if I do this” or “What will people think about me”. It is a state of feeling uneasy or being overly concerned about things, situations or people. As a result, this behavior affects health as one may skip their meals due to the lack of focus. It may cause imbalance in hormones which may lead to headaches and inability to concentrate. Most of the people start losing their weight due to overthinking. They may experience other health issues such as hair loss and dull skin.

Solutions to Overthinking

In order to overcome this serious mental issue, scientists and Psychologists have generated many solutions and techniques. There are multiple ways in which this issue can be cured if followed sincerely. According to Nolan (2013), over thinking can be cured if we spend time exploring nature, simply by taking a walk. She also explains that visualization techniques such as allowing mind to sink in positive memories or happy places helps in developing positive vibes. Other activities that can help in curing overthinking are, engaging is favorite hobbies such as reading, crochet, knitting, hiking, painting, learning a new language etc. If I try to reduce the impact of overthinking in my life just by following the techniques mentioned above, I can control the risk of many serious disorders and diseases. Some of the health issues that arise from overthinking are, dizziness, trembling, headaches, migraine, blood pressure and sugar. If I successfully combat overthinking the symptoms of such problems / diseases can be reduced. (Nolan, 2013)


To conclude, overthinking is a most debatable issue in today’s generation. One must tackle it effectively by sharing with a trust worthy person or by visit a counsellor for advice. If such measures are taken then one can elegantly combat this issue.

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