Overthinking as a Symptom of Depression and Other Disorders

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Emotions are a negative or positive experience that associates itself with a particular pattern of physiological activity The thought of being in control of your emotions is different with everyone The extent of you being in control of your emotions is dependent on you and your personal feelings Feelings have a significant part of having emotions and to that, feelings are dependent and that could give reason to being partially in control of your emotions We have control over our feelings much like we have a choice to feel them and let them affect us and cause emotions This matters for how we think of the self because we learn through adaptation what feelings to feel toward different things and to that we process emotions Emotions all vary by the person, there is not a physical situation that could alone cause emotions because then all people would feel the same.

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The theory of self is a tool that grasps the understanding that the many emotions cross aspects of self These could classify as gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc Socialization is the procedure by which people get familiar with their culture and figure out how to live as per the standards of a particular society, how we perceive the world to increase our very own feeling identity Learn social desires that go with social classes, racial or ethical gatherings, and sex As written in Newman’s Building Identity: Socialization, “The United States is said to be an individualist culture where personality traits and accomplishments are a key part of one’s self-concept” (Newman 2015, pg 70)

Emotional hijacking is a situation where the amygdala (A part of the brain that serves as an emotional processor) gets hijacked or bypasses your normal reasoning process The amygdala is involved deeply with the experience of emotions, inside of the cerebral hemisphere Your part of the brain gets switched off and turned to the different thought processes, aside from more of the normal ones you usually have The amygdala hijack is an emotional response that is immediate This response could process as overwhelming and which would be out of control and not fit for the situation with the actual stimulus This is because it has triggered more of a significant emotional threat then it would normally trigger The amygdala is involved deeply with the experience of emotions, inside of the cerebral hemisphere Emotional Hijacking can be beneficial during a serious flight or fright situation but generally is used in unnecessary situations While quite a bit of your basic decisions happen in different pieces throughout the brain, researchers perceive the amygdala's affinity to take over in specific conditions On occasion, this is something to be thankful for: For the situation of a genuine crisis, the amygdala can give you the fearlessness to safeguard your friends and family against an aggressor who's greater or more grounded than you Yet, it can likewise move you to participate in hazardous, silly, and even risky conduct in ordinary circumstances Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence book points out an emotional hijacking more in-depth “Such emotional explosions are neural hijacking At those moments, evidence suggests, a center in the limbic brain proclaims an emergency, recruiting the rest of the brain to its urgent agenda The hijacking occurs in an instant, triggering this reaction crucial moment before the neocortex, the thinking brain, has a chance to glimpse fully what is happening, let alone decide if it is a good idea The hallmark of such a hijack is that once the moment passes, those so possessed have the sense of not knowing what came over them (Goleman 2009, pg 19) A better example to help explain emotional hijacking could be the last time you went off and completely went crazy on someone, yelling at them and getting angry for an unnessary reason, this blowout was uncalled for and it was not reasonable That blowout has a significant chance it was a hijacking takeout, “A neutral takeover which we shall see, originates in the amygdala, a center in the limbic brain” (Golemen 2019, pg 19)

Depression is a mood disorder that could be described as a feeling of extreme sadness, an important loss or anger that comes through everyday life Depression has many causes and effects on a person and the demographics of depression are very important The demographics of depression show that depression is very common Throughout the United States, depression is affecting more than 3 million people, hitting very common among age groups from teens to seniors Many things lead to having depression Some listed are sexual orientation, poverty, and ethnicity The affects society can affect a lot for how you end up feeling Somatixating - Tendency to encounter and convey mental trouble as substantial side effects and to look for therapeutic assistance for them Sexual orientation on depression is that more likely a cause of depression when you are attracted to someone of the same sex Sexual orientation leads to higher rates of depression” If you’re gay, your chances of being depressed are enormously terribly increased” (A Soloman, The Noonday Demon, pg 202) Another factor in depression is poverty Being under the line of poverty and having not much you begin to fall into a depression, a significant sadness Depression is common among those who are in poverty Being under the poverty line you gain a sense of learned helplessness, this occurs when uncontrollable bad events occur which leads to a lack of control for these events and then further causing generalized helpless behavior

The relationship of disorder to self-happiness is important when it comes to doing daily things that could and would affect your happiness. Having anxiety and getting angry over little things could be a thing to seriously affect self-happiness. Being someone to overly get angry about something could adjust how you react and how your happiness is delayed by anger. This is a dangerous thing to do and to have because something so not worth the time or worth the anger becomes an important part knocking you down. Overthinking is also something that can seriously affect how happy you are and the self-happiness you express day to day. Overthinking over a situation you have no control over is a dangerous thing as well as overthinking something that has no relation to the situation, putting things in your head. This is quick to knock your happiness by overthinking and causing your mind to go somewhere else. A serious disorder that would affect self-happiness is bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a disorder that can activate a mood to jump around and cause mood swings ranging from depression to manic highs. Having bipolar disorder can definitely affect the application of self-happiness. Not having the ability to control your emotions can seriously affect how you can be happy and without control, you could be angry affecting self-control.

Emotions originate in and participate in our included participation in social life Emotions take over a person due to feelings and how one chooses to react Emotions are self feelings that are experiences that have referred to or are implications of the self Emotion work is an effort associated with controlling the feelings of oneself as well as other people Created by Arlie Hochschild, the idea of emotion work fits under the broader umbrella of emotion management, the work required to generate feelings that are appropriate for a situation The possibility of emotion work perceives that our emotions are molded by society Our way of life decides how we understand, talk about and present our feelings Emotion work presents itself in more ways than one If you’re caught in a bad situation where you are upset and scared but your emotion work helps you to control the situation so you can get yourself out of it

Impression management an intuitive process wherein individuals try to impact the impression of other individuals about an individual, by managing and controlling information in social communication Impression Management is important to Your Success. Impression management is a conscious and subconscious process where people try to change the perceptions of others by portraying them in a way that creates a good impression. They offer 5 different techniques of impression management, listed as ingrain, self-promotion, exemplification, intimidation, and supplication An example of impression management theory in play is a girl who plays basketball At an important game in which a recruiter might be present to watch her, she would want to showcase herself in the best way possible because of the fact that college recruits are watching She might wear the brightest sneakers, highest Nike socks, and thickest Nike headband and try to play the best game they’ve ever played to show off the skills they possess The goal of this girl by playing her best game is to play to impress by using impression management She wants to showcase her skills in the best light possible so this would increase her chance of getting picked by the recruited to be on their team She would rather impress the coach of the college team then ultimately win the game, therefore impression management is playing a large role Impression management is used when thinking of self-presentation, where someone tries to change or make better the perception of their image Impression management is perceiving yourself in such a way that you would wish to be seen as how you present yourself but only to benefit yourself and to satisfy your needs and goals

The authentic self is your ultimate identity which is revealed between your own thoughts It is the ground of your true being The authentic self has existed before your personality is formed at which you are just an unadulterated being Authenticity is the quality of showing yourself as authentic, in which authentic is seen as original, yourself and not a changed version of yourself but the real true version of yourself The authentic self is seen as being true to yourself, to each other and showing truthfulness, honestly, severity and originality An example of showing your authentic self is if you were living in a small house with many siblings and it was not what all your other friends had and you felt like you were different One day they all ask to come over to your house and hang out and instead of you thinking about making an excuse, asking your uncle to use his house as an escape so they don’t know the truth, you accept and allow them to comeover The ability to be yourself, to not lie and to be truthful with your friends and others show honest and your authentic self.

The ability to control emotions is a lot due to stress. When put under stress many people begin to feel so emotional that they lead to irrational decisions and likely to regret later. The difference of those who can control their emotions and those who aren’t able to control their emotions is the ability to not give in to the negatives, the negative thoughts as well that will come through their mind during being under pressure. It is possible to have the ability to control your emotions, even by taking a second when something happens to reason with it before causing a reaction. This is why it’s a good idea to not make any quick decisions until there is a calmer situation. Most of the time with an emotional decision you are pushed in the wrong direction and you wouldn’t take the wrong action. Controlling your emotions is challenging and it’s important when choosing to do so, to take calmer actions and think it through before reacting.  

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