Overthinking: Negative Thoughts that Flood One's Mind

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  • The Observation
  • Presenting Questions
  • The Hypothesis

Overthinking, it is something that we always do, not just me. I am sure that we have all been in bed trying to sleep, but instead, we lay there, overthinking every single thing about your life. Now I’m not saying it’s terrible because some of the most important decisions that I have taken in my life required some deep thinking and overthinking. But it is opening up our creative side of ourselves. Not all overthinking is good; I have lost two to three houses of sleep because my mind was all over the place. Instead of acting and finding resolutions to what I am overthinking, I just let it take control of my mind, and it feeds off my energy. I want to be able to fix my problem of overthinking because it will help me now and in my future career.

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The Observation

I want to be able to wipe away the negative thoughts in my mind like a picture on a dating app. For example, When I had to speak in my speech, I would prepare myself and practice over and over and record myself until I had everything pretty much memorized. However, when it was the night before or in class, I sat, and all I could think about was if my speech good enough? What are people going to think of me? Do I even look good today? What if I mess up and forget what I have to say? Instead, I should have taken the time to relax and enjoy other people’s speeches. I end up giving good speeches in front of class anyways, and then I realize that I was overthinking for no reason. This affects my life because I’m not able to enjoy simple stuff because the monster inside my mind wants to control my mind instead of letting me have the confidence that I know I have. Therefore, I want to learn how to fight the monster in my head and to accept my best.

Presenting Questions

Why do I overthink? If I realize that I’m overthinking, why am I not stopping myself? Why do others assume that I don’t ever overthink? I also wonder if any skills such as knowing my limits and becoming a person of action. If I begin to practice these skills and slowly develop them into habits, then I will successfully fix my problem of overthinking. It might now be solved right away but taking small steps will help. Not only will it not only be good for me right now but for my future career in criminal justice, which consists of critical thinking under pressure.

The Hypothesis

Knowing my limits will allow me to say no, knowing when I am in the right state of mind. I know that if I’m hungry or tired that my mind probably won’t be the same as to when I have had a good sleep and not hungry, then I know I’m in the right state of mind to make decisions. Also, becoming a person of action means setting goals and deadlines to help me reduce stress. Even if it means having to take small steps towards that goal, then I have to learn to give myself the time I need and not procrastinate. With the help of these skills that I will use daily, I know that it will help me stop myself from overthinking.

In conclusion, stopping myself from overthinking will prepare now and for my future. I hope to one day major in criminal justice. This major requires critical thinking and the use of imagination to help develop different scenarios of different crimes. Therefore, practicing the skill of knowing my limits and taking actions is essential to improve myself now and to prepare myself for whatever comes my way in the future.     

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