Overthrow' Stephen Kinzer: the Book About America

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Stephen Kinzer began to follow the path of a well-known military sociologist because he liked the idea and the way of thinking. Kinzer never had his own field where he could take ideas or at least start an investigation to give way to expose it in a book “Overthrow”, so he chose an interest in something he had discovered as a news correspondent. Everything happens when in Central America countries like Guatemala and Nicaragua are at war because of the Sandinista and Contras wars and he was close to both countries because of his work as news correspondent and he was covering notes about what was happening in both countries with the subject of the civil wars that were happening in each one country and it was there where he asked himself how these countries had reached a level of unhappiness , poverty, of violence so bad. He took on the role of investigating each of these countries and looking back in history to see what really happened, at one point he believed that both countries had a path of prosperity of stability and a firm belief in democracy but what happened was that they were forced to leave that path of prosperity because they were demanded to do so by the United States in 1910 with various interventions, overthrew a great leader of Nicaragua because he did not want to cooperate with the United States, overthrew a stable democratic government in Guatemala because they did not cooperate with the United States.

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Though the attempt to initiate a list of countries or governments where the United States had such interventions or where they wanted to put their hand creating more than chaos in the foreign country. Realizing that such a list would be impossible because there was many interventions from the imperialist era of the United States to the modern world, he decided to investigate those countries where the intervention of the United States was a radical change in the way of governing for those countries. So he decided to create this book as a way to make a chronicle revealing why the United States did something like that, what they got out of it and how that would come to have a long-term impact. But it has always been that because kinzer has wanted to show that the United States tried to open a space for them in the modern world, so kinzer explains the real reasons and just as Guatemala and Nicaragua were several countries that suffered the same and the main cause was that they didn’t want to cooperate with the United States as kinzer said no one thought and no one realized why the United States did and when it happened was not a series of isolated episodes was something that he believes that for more than 100 years the United States did in all its history to govern without being there. What the author interprets in his book is that the United States for a long time was always the knife that cut the cake because their security policy is the best in the world or at least that is what has been tried to make clear for a long time so much that when they feel threatened they make what is better for their national security and prosperity of his own home and its very clear how united states change history when they decide to be part of any worldwide event.

Three eras of an American regime is the main exhibition that the author wishes to give readers, an American regime that occurred in various countries and that is the length of the story left deaths and unfinished questions that were only silenced with answers with a focus towards freedom or the fight against communism and thanks to these vague answers they were able to hide the reasons for the economic and political actions of the united states. The historical theme of this book is that Kinzer exposes variations in his war and political value that is represented in each of the wars or in every conflict were the United States were directly and indirectly involved. The United States has done what it did for its own economy, because in many of these countries there are goods that would benefit the United States in the long term. Kinzer explains why the United States had these decisive roles in the overthrows of several governments and why many of these overthrow had long-term consequences. The book as a moral tale that serves as an urgent warning while the United States try to defining their role in the modern world. Kinzer goes back to the roots of United States fight for power and control since the end of the 19th century until present. At all stages of its political and military evolution, United States deposed other presidents, monarchs and regimes to re-establish its leadership at national and global scales. The motives behind U.S. interventions were about to impose its ideology on other nations, protect its business, national security, trade, and economy, even in foreign land investment as well as access to very valuable natural resources.

The past 110 years witnessed a serious political conflict most of them were made by the United States. We must make it clear this is not a book of politics, this book doesn’t show you how much constitution have changed or how American laws have been made, this book shows you the real America, how America needs desperately war, control and the opportunity to expand his business and to show the power of their armed arm. Now the main objective is to show how history could be manipulated perhaps because we do not realize that both the United States could be involved in foreign affairs. Is a watershed of what the United States did for more than 110 years, forcing land on foreign soil forcibly and as well as overthrowing governments that the United States believed were beginning to get out of control . I think what stands out the most from the book is always going to be the way the author has achieved or wanted to expose what U.S. has been doing for more than a century because it will always take you to those moments where every change for that country and about how the United States managed to change the governments and the way people live in that country and yes America changed history and maybe nobody spoke about it but Stephen managed to do a great job exposing why, how, when and what effect it had.In general I think that this book makes a big difference between what many of us would think, it is not a book that talks exclusively about politics but about events that gradually changed the world, the author is right in trying to give a message to people with this book and that is that perhaps the country where we live has generated so much controversy and hatred for what has been done when it was never necessary to do so.

I feel perhaps that the book “Overthrow” by Stephen Kinzer fulfills its purpose as such to show why the United States is hated, I feel that it fulfills what it promises and for nothing is boring, and it is interesting and opens the panorama to what you didn't know or didn't know about the history of the United States. In general I find very well what the author tried to do that was to give another point of view to our own history.

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