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Overview Of AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDA

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One EDA RDA Introduction

The Easy One EDA RDA is manufactured by AFK Studio. I have never heard of the company and even with a little help from Google so I’m not sure what previous projects they have worked on. I’m always a bit nervous when reviewing an unknown product from an unknown company. However, I can say with confidence that there is nothing to worry about in terms of build quality. Let’s not waste any more time. Let me show you what you get in the box when you buy it from new.

What’s in the box?

AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDA

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Two Easy One Atomizer Coil (one coil pre-installed)


Spare parts

AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDA

Easy One EDA RDA Key Features

Size: 35.8 x 24mm

0.15ohm Clapton Coil & Medical Absorbent Cotton

Main Material: Stainless Steel


Dripper flavour without the hassle

Design and Build Quality

The main material used throughout this tank is stainless steel and the drip tip is ultem. The atomizer is 24mm wide which is standard on today’s market and should fit most mods. The build quality appears flawless with no imperfections on the paint, o-rings and the resistance on the adjustable airflow is perfect. There is one personal thing I have to say about the appearance which I didn’t like and that is the color I received. It is labeled as ‘red’ but is more of a pink and I personally think it is the worst color out of the selection.

AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDAThe most noticeable, unique design quality is the fact the coils come pre-made, installed and wicked. This is the first tank I know of that has all the features of an RDA minus the rebuildable part. The only parts of this tank you keep are the top cap and the drip tip, everything else is disposable.

The idea is to use the tank like an already made up RDA but once the cotton / wire is near the end of its life you throw away the base and install a new base with an already made up fresh cotton and wire. This is a big selling point to people that want / like RDA flavor but don’t want / know how to build.

The biggest issue with the design I have found is how hot it gets. It gets really hot! When chain vaping the top cap can get noticeably hot and I found this to be worrying, after a while its even too hot to touch. This however, is the only noticeable con.

How does it perform?

When it comes to RDAs or an RDA styled atomizer the biggest thing on my mind is how easy it is to actually drip. On this device have no fear as it is very easy and can be done with no mess. The coils are labeled as 0.15 ohms but the two I received read at 0.17 and 0.16 which I am happy about. The recommended wattage is between 60 and 100 watts which I have tested and can confirm the coils perform fantastic between these ranges.

AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDAThe airflow manages to offer both a wide full flow, also a restricted direct to lung vape and everything in between. The o-rings have the perfect amount of resistance which allow for easy airflow adjusting and tight enough that the top cap doesn’t come off unless wanted. I’ve also have no issues with leaking which just goes to prove the o-rings are going their job well.

AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDA Pros and Cons


RDA flavour without the work

Easy to replace coils

No leaking

Good flavour

Great airflow


Ultem Drip Tip

Top Cap gets very hot

Coils are expensive ($11 for 2)

Cotton doesnt hold a lot

Can’t rebuild

AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDA Video Review

Final thoughts

I am pleasantly surprised with this atomizer. The idea is great, having dripper flavor, clouds and airflow with no need to build. I’m sure a lot of people have been looking for a device just like this and without the top cap getting hot and the cost of the coils this just might be a winning atomizer for many people. Even with these negatives I still think it is worth it, especially if you really don’t want to get into the building. If you are interested but you also want to get into making your own coils, I will always suggest building you own. Its cheaper and there are better products for flavor and clouds then this.

AFK Studio Easy One EDA RDAI recommend the Easy One to anyone who wants to trying dripping without the hastle to see if you like it and also to those who want the bets flavor but without putting extra work in. The casual vaper wont notice the cons as much as a regular vaper but it should still be considered. I will be doing a video review on this one soon on my Youtube channel to make sure to watch out and see my updates.


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