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Overview Of Agates And Its Use

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Agates almost everything on them: A circular cats, especially of orange / brown tones, can dissipate with its energy of slow vibration, pain or discomfort in some part of the body, dissipates almost miraculously if we hold between our hands or apply in the painful area.

Agates almost everything about them: Almost everything, because new qualities and discoveries about them always appear. Agates qualities in crystal therapy and personal use: Carrying a circular agate set as a pendant at the level of the solar plexus, we will notice an improvement in vitality, especially in stages of physical or mental stress where stress accompanies the sensation of exhaustion: the vitalizing energy of the circular agate will exercise, as of energetic battery, a great help ( Agates, composition and function). If fatigue is felt in the legs, especially if due to our work we spend many hours standing or walking, we will notice an extraordinary relief when placing several pieces of circular agates on them for a few minutes in a relaxed position ( Agates almost all about them). If the tiredness we accuse as a headache, mental exhaustion from studying and excessive sight in too many hours in front of the computer screen, also in a relaxed position and with closed eyes, we can place several cuts of circular agate on The forehead area lasts 15 or 20 minutes; relief we will notice both physically and energetically to feel refreshed, clear. Carried like a choker around the neck, matching its position on the throat, will provide ease of speech ( Agates almost everything on them).

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Another invaluable application of crystal therapy, is the renewing and inspiring force in terms of creativity that this mineral can provide us if we place for a few minutes a day periodically, for example three times a week, several pieces of circular cut agate in orange tones, on the belly area, surrounding the navel, in a state of relaxation, while reading or listening to music. Regarding its application in face therapy to patients / clients of Cristaloterapia, we will apply cutting agates in the areas where physical pain or discomfort is physically felt as part of the imposition of crystals. It should be noted that the agates that are sold in some stores of blue or fuchsia, have been artificially dyed with acids and, although their color is very attractive, they are not the most suitable for their crystallotherapeutic use ( Agates almost everything on them). Being quartz, the agates can be cleaned by immersing them in water and salt or in seawater.

So that our circular agates remain revitalized, you only have to bury them once in a while in soil, sand or green clay. In the event that we feel that our circular agate cuts have lost their shine, we can revitalize them by placing them for a few days on a bed of earth rich in humus or on the sand of the beach ( Agatas almost everything on them).

Agates, its magic, legends and curiosities: The agates, since prehistory, have been cut to be part of the clothing as a protective amulet, probably before the fascination of its form, especially the circular agates, and, today are still one of the preferred assemblies by jewelers and artisans to make pendants by the well-known energetic property of dissipating possible tangles of negative energy, alleviate the mental fatigue and positively enhance the mood of joy and well being both physical and mental ( Agates, composition and function). Some smaller pieces that also have concentric circles, are intended for the size and assembly of rings, since they are very original ( Agates almost everything on them). The capacity of conservation and energization of this type of agate, made that from the antiquity, bottles and containers were carved to maintain oils and oils to anoint. It is said that the cup in which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, the Holy Chalice, was carved in agate. (Interestingly, I have been able to verify that the griálica glass conserved in the cathedral of Valencia – and that for many connoisseurs in the subject, it is the Holy Grail-, it is a vessel the size of a cup carved in circular agate of orange colors and whose dating is more than two thousand years ago, whose pedestal and asitas were later placed in a work of goldsmithing, is behind a thick glass inside the same cathedral, and has been used to officiate Mass for each of the Popes of the Vatican that has gone to Spain at different times). Circular agate cuts have always been used as protection from energies of jealousy and envy, taking them as a pendant on the body, mainly at the level of the heart or the solar plexus.

The agate of brown and green tones is especially effective to maintain and restore the health of the plants; it can be added to the water of watering either directly on the ground near the stem or also by spraying water with a few drops of its elixir on the plant. Several pieces of cutting agate can be placed on the surface of the pot. It is known that already the Babylonians, Chaldeans and Romans, carved boches, buckles, cameos and other types of ornaments made with this type of circular agates ( Agates almost everything on them).

Agates, its different and wonderful forms: Agate landscape: also called dendritic agate because it seems to be a landscape or hand painted painting. It is said of this type of agate that favors the growth and good condition of indoor plants. Some of them, especially if they are transparent or translucent, look like authentic Christmas landscapes ( Agates almost everything about them). Pseudoagata: it is a very original type of agate since there are no circular formations in its interior but its internal drawing forms triangles with a pyramidal appearance. It is a type of agate highly valued by the North American channelers as a personal meditation stone since it is said to activate the internal vision.

Agate Spinach: this type of agate is used to make carvings of ornamental objects given its originality. It is a chalcedony with greenish inclusions that gives it an aspect reminiscent of the spinach leaf, hence its name ( Agates almost everything about them). Mossy Agate: It is called Mossy Agate to the colorless and translucent chalcedony that contains in its interior columnar green hornablenda that gives it the appearance of moss and hence its name. At an energetic level, this type of agate brings calmness and inner peace by holding it in your hands when we meditate ( Agates almost everything on them).

Agate Dulcote: it is a type of agate native to the area of Somerset, in the south of England and that we can acquire in the mineral trades of Glastonbury. Its color is reddish and although it is not as attractive or transparent as the circular and translucent agates, it has an energetic force of the earth to which it belongs: vitality, rooting, strengthening of the will and personal confidence ( Agates almost everything about them).


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