Understanding the Basic Concepts of Anthropology

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Anthropology refers to the science of human beings which analysis humanity in different concepts ranging from the biological and evolutionary aspect to the aspect of society and culture which differentiate human beings with other animals. As an academic discipline, anthropology exists as an intersection of science and humanities. Due to its diversity, anthropology was categorized into five main specialized fields. Biology and evolution of human beings were classified as environmental psychology. The study of the social and cultural composition of human beings is categorized as social and cultural anthropology or ethnology (anthropology of culture). The study of pre-historical cultures based on physical remains and past situations in contemporary cultures was categorized as archaeological anthropology. Linguistic anthropology (anthropology for language) encompassed the ability of human beings to speak in different languages having an articulate speech in communication. Lastly, psychological anthropology emphasized relationships among human people, cultures, and social structures of human beings.Food can be used to identify different cultures and landscapes.

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Different foods are associated with different cultures. Eating is a great unifier that connects us to our culture. The food we eat says so much about us and where we come from. Have you ever asked yourself why different people across the whole world eat different types of food?
We grow up eating different food as our cultures allow, hence these types of food have become part of us. Our ancestors set this phase. Most of us associate food we eat from our childhood with great feeling and has exceptional value to us. Continuous use of a given food, while we are young, becomes our addict, and we tend to seek it while we become adults.

Food which our ancestors ate determines what we eat today, hence creating a culture. Food from a given family was passed from one family to another years after years. Different families used different foods that were passed from one generation to another. This explains why different foods are associated with different cultures. In one culture, a given food may be well accepted and considered to be of great importance, while in another culture, eating such food may be seen as a prohibited.

Plants in the whole world are used for so many different purposes, some for medicine, food, shade, and others for beauty. Different plants from different communities attract different stories and myths. Some communities base a lot of importance in given plants and take others as less important. In other cities, traditions have established given value over some treas. It may be a taboo to cut a particular type of tree from a given community, and other communities use trees as a site for worship cultural pride

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