Overview of Drones: Features, Applications and Future Uses

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Air planes has been developed widely in the last years and Drones (dynamic remotely operated navigation equipment) are planes without human (unmanned planes) which are used in different fields like War planes, Scout planes to discover things in dangerous places or in camps. They can run without human pilot as remotely controlled devices work by computer. Drones idea started after World War 1 when humans started to look forward innovate planes without humans to avoid spirits losing.

Technical Features & capabilities

Quadcopter design: this design uses 4 rotors to facilitate both directional and lift.

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Dedicated controller: these devices sent signals to drones to controller them and they usually work with batteries which they are removable batteries and charged through USB port before each flight.

Extra propellers: all drones usually come with replaced parts (another rotors usually) so they are inexpensive.

Flight control system: drones has individual ability to flight as much as they were programmed to.

Minimal protection from water: old drones have minimal protection from rain so flying them in rainy weather can damage electronic circuits where new drones are not and can fly in any weather.

Major uses & benefits

Also some drones can be used for video recording to record discovered area or a movie production with removable flash memory, with controlled built in camera. As well they can fly up for twenty minutes over 1000 meters in addition to satellite GPS navigation feature.

Autonomous feature is very wonderful where drones can get back to the last point before losing controller as they save the area locations. Also as they have satellite navigation plan so they can fly sophisticated profiles.

The most known uses of drones in Military, Agriculture, Delivery, Domestic, News and Media, Photography and Videography. Drones facilitate the life in all domains, avoid human loss in military and discovery and decrease time for deliver media and things and cost.

Future uses and possibilities

Allow drones to record videos with 1080 P HD video or higher also design fixed and static drones with all feature from cameras to satellite feature as well as size and ability to carry heavy things.

Weddings: Not as one drone per wedding but also more than one and make it popular instead of humans running behind photographing, instead they can control this task.

War: Future use of drones going to replace all flights in war to avoid human participating.Not just war but all aircrafts going to be remotely controlled.

Sport: Today all matches started to use drones to follow ball only in the coming years the use will forwarded to follow referees and players beside ball.

Media & Journalist: All media going to use drones instead of cameras as they are faster and can coverage the news more quickly.


At all drones are very useful and they are helpful to humans the most annoying thing there use in war. All others they can do work more quickly and save humans.

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