Overview of Edge Computing and Its Role in It

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The Edge Computing has completely transformed the infrastructure of Data Centers as well as the way of using Cloud Computing. Edge Computing provides more elasticity, security, improves latency and reliability. In other words, when data is physically located closer to the users who connect to it, information can be shared quickly, securely and without latency.

Edge Computing allows data generated by users through Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be processed closer where it is created instead of sending long routes to Cloud or Data Centers. Edge computing is completely referred to in IoT use cases, where edge devices would collect data sometimes in very large amounts and send it to cloud or data centers for further processing. Most of the tasks are done by IoT devices that transferring the data to the local device for computing, storing and connectivity with other networks.

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Edge Computing allows data from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be analyzed at the edge of the network before being sent to the Data Centers and Cloud. In this modern world, the concept of Edge Computing is very reliable and safest way to share the data on cloud because as its name states that it works near the user and provides more security and availability of IoT to users. The main reason behind the rising the usage of edge computing is that it delivers tangible value. Edge computing helps to reduce connectivity loss that we usually seen on cloud. Edge computing provides lots of benefits to its users that’s why it is very popular in IT world. Security and Privacy is also improved with Edge computing by keeping data stored in IOT devices. Processing at the edge also reduces the latency and make connected applications more responsive and robust. In this report, we will further discuss why Edge computing is more important and why is it need to secure the data.

Edge Computing plays a significant role in IT WORLD because it brings the data that is available on cloud close to Source to reduce the latency and bandwidth use. In an easy term, EDGE COMPUTING means running fewer process in cloud and more near the users through IoT. With this, it also reduces the long- distance communication between Client and User. Edge Computing is very vast concept and it contains some important terms that help us to understand the deep concept of Edge Computing. Definitions like Edge devices, Edge, Edge gateway, Edge Computing equipment. One of the most unique feature of Edge computing that makes it different from others is Security. It would be more powerful and processed because data is not travelling over the network and it stayed closer to where it was created but processed in IoT devices and data becomes less vulnerable as compare to cloud.

The Key Elements of Edge Computing that makes the data is more secure are Data Encryption, access control and use of Virtual private network tunneling. It also win over Cloud when time sensitive event occurs. Moreover, there are so many benefits of edge computing that we discuss further parts. First understanding the concept of edge computing, we need to take look on “How EDGE COMPUTING Works” that is shown in below figure, in figure it also shows that IoTs, Edge local processing, Cloud and Corporate Data centers.

Security and privacy can be improved with edge computing by keeping data within the IoT devices. Avoiding device-to-cloud data round trips is critical for applications using computer vision or machine learning — for instance, an enterprise identity verification system or a drone tracking and filming its owner or an object. On-device machine learning can enhance natural language interfaces as well, allowing smart speakers to react more quickly by interpreting voice instructions locally, run basic commands such as turning lights on/off, or adjust thermostat settings even if internet connectivity fails. Moreover, edge computing brings “future proofing” to these systems by allowing over-the-air updates for the device software and the list of local commands it can run.

With edge computing, the opportunity for system architects is to learn how to harness the benefits of the available distributed computing power from end to end — tapping into the capabilities of field devices, gateways, and cloud altogether.

What does Edge Computing mean for Industry?

In IT industry edge computing plays a significant role. According to IT experts have estimated that billions of connected things will generate massive amount of data that that do not require security but also required reliability so that data is available every time without any downtime. Experts said that by applying Big Data, advanced analytics and machine learning, we can reduce the unplanned downtime as well as improve the performance at lower cost. We can discuss it in further parts.

Future and Scope of Edge Computing

In modern world we can see that the use of IoT devices are increase with every passing day for fast processing of data and another reason is adoption of Cloud in IT world. So, we can discuss this topic in further parts in deep manner.


The outline of this essay concludes that increasing demand of Edge Computing and why IT world adopt it easily and why is it become more popular? Moreover, why we need Edge computing and why is it necessary for modern IoT. Edge computing not improving the latency of the IoT devices but reduces the unplanned downtime of IoT devices so that they can run, processed and compute the data within allocated time assigned by the administrator. According to business viewpoint edge computing performs fast processing as well as fast computing at lower maintenance cost.

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