Overview of Hubble Budgeting Software Solution

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Hubble is an advanced, intuitive and all-inclusive financial performance and management software solution, with elite functions for business forecasting, financial reporting, strategic planning and budgetary allocation for any budding business or organization. Being a single, powerful, integrated solution service, Hubble will enhance your operation with fantastic in-built templates and customized reports, which is simply the best way to automate data access and rely. This product can be deployed on an offline office station, however, it’s also available virtually as a cloud-based solution. Hubble Solution offers an unrivaled real-time consolidations and reconciliations that would help any business to automate critical financial and operational processes like income statements, balance sheets, cashflows, and equity statements for stockholders. As a business organization, you would easily customize your reports without having to wait for IT support. This solution will as well monitor your reconciliation issues as the month progresses. Hubble will give you easy, actual and budget forecast parameters in real time, hence keeping you always abreast with all your business processes. Moreover, with Hubble has the capacity company’s recurrent budgeting cycles, based on predicable or preferable intervals. You have the liberty of running what-if scenarios and leveraging Excel for modeling then uploading directly to your ERP.

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Hubble is envisioned to simply and quickly ease the redundant processes like budgeting and planning. Hubble achieves these by seamlessly bring together forecasting and reorganizing data into the company’s ERP parameters. It promises perfect integration to promotes a continuous loop for the purposes of planning for the market changes and trends, hence prepares your company to quickly and responsibly respond and adopt to those changes market trends accordingly. Hubble Planning solution prevents and eliminates occurrence of common errors in your data, hence saving you enormous time to just concentrate on your business optimization and market performance. In other words, with Hubble, your company workforce would spend those precious hours not measuring the past business performance but would instead focus on how strategize effectively to drive the business performance into the future, aligned with your mission and objective.

As a business that want to thrive in a complex and competitive global market, Hubble is revolutionary and advanced approach to dealing with such environment, by simply give you efficient and strategic tools for proper planning, adjustment and ultimately enhance your productivity capacity and networking pool in the market. Multiple options exist within Hubble platform. For instance, you have the choice to fully integrate Hubble Reporting with Hubble Visual Analytics as so desired. Alternatively, you can opt to use Hubble Planning solution as a stand-lone. The capacity to enable combination of different solutions with Hubble, gives you the most needed flexibility in fully understanding and utilizing your business data objectively. Below is a highlight of key benefits of Hubble:

Enhances your criteria for planning and forecast by juxtapositioning live ERP actuals with budgeting data side by side without the need for exporting or extracting the data. Enhances networking within the business structure or organization, to enable proper understanding of various processes like budgeting and forecasting within different departments or faculties. This is critical especially where you need to make prompt adjustments in real time, in order to protect and control the flow, accuracy and integrity of the data.

It helps integrate Approvals and Workflows necessary to closely monitor organization and planning schedules, hence easily reduce redundancies and improve proper coordination ad management within your company. Pertinent to Hubble is the capacity to the reduction of the Planning Cycles up to 70%, thus saving the company precious time through an uninterrupted real time forecasting. As a business you will be well poised in taking appropriate actions to prevent or mitigate risk factors to the business by assessing and testing various models or possible scenarios.

Hubble Software Solution is compatible with Windows Systems and, it is therefore designed for businesses using management solutions like JD Edwards. Moreover, Hubble supports all versions of Oracle E-Business Suites and has great features including, Planning, Dashboards, Workflows, Alerts, and Ad-hoc Inquiry. Hubble’s user-friendly and intuitive application is your assurance to faster simpler workflow processes. The price can be customized to either recurrent subscription basis or on perpetual license arrangements.

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