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Neluns is a blockchain backed financial outfit that that comes with a bank that will enable token holders access both digital coins and traditional money. However, it also comes with a digital asset changer and an insurance company which wraps it up as a complete economy. These three will trigger both capital and user flow.

The uniqueness of Neluns and the rest of crypto platforms is the fact that it shields the user against price fluctuations that are common with digital currencies; market volatility has locked many industry adorers from investing and trading in the crypto sphere. In addition, Neluns token adopter will be rewarded with 50% dividends from the profits.

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Neluns Securities and Exchange Commission Compliance

The Neluns bank is used as a financial base and it us fully licensed giving it an added advantage over other coins and tokens that purport to offer banking services to their participants. The certification will make the application one of a kind and it is a major boost for the coins adoption in a market where the meeting between crypto and traditional money is dysfunctional. Unlike most ICO, the Neluns project is recognized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and this will be a good starting point for the token given the current market uncertainty. In addition, the in-house exchange is already licensed by the same bod as well as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).The platform is also set to launch a unique insurance outfit that will allow users to trade as well access all insurance related financial services. This will allow for trades and transactions cutting down on the middlemen and third parties that have made access to insurance out of reach for the ordinary person. However, the ecosystem is exempted from tax disclosure by law.

Neluns Token Holder Benefits

Being a Neluns holder comes with some perks; you have access to some incentives by virtue of being a participant on the network. On top of it all, the system shares 50% of their total profits quarterly to token holders and the more one accumulates the more bonuses and discounts they get. It is envisioned that growth of the ecosystem will translate into the asset value growth. The more users come onboard the better for. According to the project projections on the white paper, by 2021, the value of a single token will be equivalent to $2,100. In addition, plans are underway to hold an IPO in the NYSE.

To attain sustainable liquidity for the after the ICO, the token is set to be listed on several crypto exchanges of repute including and not limited to Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, OKEx and ToBit. These will give the native token additional visibility and global appeal.

The Neluns token ticker is NLS and will be based on the Ethereum ecosystem under the ERC20 standards. The token will help participants earn dividends calculated for the total network profits. The profits in NLS are generated for three arms of the ecosystem; the bank, exchange and insurance. The core Neluns team is made up of experts from the financial sector, big data giants, network and soft engineering as well as blockchain. They have what it takes to achieve the platform goals. Their goal is to take care of the project development as generate profits that can be shared by the token holders.

This is a highly innovative and ambitious project and has strong real world use cases. It has a bank, crypto exchange and an insurance firm backed with high-tech security and user holding are in safe pair of hands.

The ICO pricing is just right for the ordinary adopter and this eliminates any barriers. In addition, you can transact business from anywhere in the world with a platform that gives low commissions and minimizes your investment in the crypto verse risks.

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