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Sparkster is an enterprise-changing platform that seeks to make ideas easily implemented into software through the use of the basic English language to build applications from scratch.

The problem

Each person has their own view of things. Something envisioned in one person’s mind is not the same vision the rest of the world will have. This is why disappointments come as people have different expectations of what has been advertised or explained. In the business world, actualizing ideas becomes even more difficult. People have lots of ideas crammed in their heads that they would want to be implemented but they do not have the technical know how to make these ideas reality. In the technological business environment where software is becoming part and parcel of every business, actualizing what is envisioned by the owner of the business for software developers is hard.

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Coming up with a software right from the conceptualization stage to a working product requires a vast skill set which includes fully understanding how coding works. For most business owners, coding is not part of their skillset. Therefore, whenever they have this revolutionary idea of a software that could improve the services they provide, they contract software developers who have to internalize the idea of the owners as presented to them and come up with a product that reflects as close to as possible what was envisioned by the originator of the idea. Rarely would developers provide a platform that is an accurate representation of what the creative had in mind. Sometimes, it may not even be close to what was envisioned.

Furthermore, there is the problem of cost. Software developers do not come cheap. You have to heavily invest to get a software that is suited for that business. The resources spent coming up with a software that is unlikely to function as envisioned end up becoming a total waste making the entire endeavor worthless for the business.

Building apps in English

This is Sparkster’s solution that will allow ideas to be realized as they were envisioned in the minds of those who created them. It is bridging the gap between the idea and the product by making it possible for anyone to build an application without having to necessarily go to a coding school or know the technicalities of coding. Sparkster, through its platform, will have met all the coding requirements leaving the building to its users.

The platform will have blocks that are joined together in a sequence representing the idea that a user has. These blocks can then be used to create simple software that accomplishes different tasks in a business. There are businesses that usually require intricate software that can meet the demands of the line of work they are engaged in. For these complex structures, innovation will play a key role. Users can come up with simple software solving basic problems then interconnect this simple software with each other strategically to form software that can solve complex problems. The concept is similar to subject like math where the basics can be combined to solve really hard problems.

Therefore, with such abilities, users will be able to come up with tailor-made solutions for any entity. Companies will also find it easier to solve their issues as they envision while saving on resources.

The Market Place

Sparkster users and potential users should find this feature exciting! It acts as a revenue stream for both the platform and the users. The market place will feature software that will have been developed for sale by other users in the ecosystem. Some problems that are universal can be solved by quick apps easily obtained from this market place. More specific problems that require sophisticated apps can also be ordered. The marketplace will run using the Spark token (SPRK). All transactions carried out will be through these tokens. The advantage of using the tokens is that Sparkster can make its platform even cheaper by having less overall frictional costs compared to centralized platforms.

Cloud storage solution

Apart from offering solutions in the software development sector, cloud storage solution will also be offered through Sparkster. The current cloud storage options that are available are all pricey and Sparkster believes that cloud storage can be made inexpensive if the right structures are to be utilized. The plan is to have users who are willing to offer storage services through their devices. By decentralizing storage through this platform, Sparkster will have created a pool of devices worldwide that can offer quick storage solutions. Furthermore, prices are likely to go down as the storage can be done on a peer to peer basis where bids can be placed and both parties can agree to deals that satisfy them both. There is also an environmental advantage of this move which is reducing the amount of e-waste from obsolete devices as they will be given a new lease of life as storage devices.

Technical features of Sparkster

Sparkster has an improved technology that aims to hit 10 million plus transfers per second. These rates will support the many different the software that are going to be built on Sparkster. Through the cloud service, Sparkster is going to host this software. Meeting the demands likely to arise from usage of this platform is going to be a lighter task due to the technical approach Sparkster is taking.

The Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is designed to specifically serve and support the Smart Software developed in Sparkster. By having a specialized blockchain for this service, demands are more likely to be met as only requests made from the Smart Software are going to be served under the decentralized cloud. Sparkster will be serving different clients with individual privacy needs. The decentralized cloud is designed to serve each distributed hash table as client groups. Clients can be isolated and served distinctly such that there is no overlapping of different client data in the network. The decentralized cloud also scales according to demand such that once a threshold has been reached, just like in cell division, the transaction rates double for better efficiency. For example, if 2000 transaction requests are achieved with 2000 transactions being the threshold then the TPS rates are doubled to significantly cut the transaction time.

Furthermore, this dedicated blockchain is also able to isolate node clusters. This ability allows Sparkster to deliver higher throughput.

Sparkster technology stack

This is the technology behind Sparkster’s ability to write software in plain English. Smart contracts are evolved through this system to form Smart Software.

Consensus mechanism

Having weighed out their options, Sparkster decided to improve on the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) instead of creating their own novelty consensus mechanism. SCP will be used in Sparkster to help reach faster consensus within the network while an extra layer will be implemented in the network to help determine how tasks will be allocated thus helping decrease the processing time of requests made. This extra layer will also be important in determining how rewards will be given as rewards are based on the number of tasks completed. Thus, the network, through this consensus algorithm, will allow tasks to be performed efficiently, reducing or eliminating completely wastage of resources and minimizing the risk of various forms of attack on the network.


Central to every software is the privacy that can be afforded to the users of that software. Zero-Knowledge proof is part of Sparkster’s privacy arsenal. Transacting parties can rest knowing that their data is always safe even while traversing through this ecosystem. While transacting, very little data is required, data which may old no significance even when accessed. Sparkster operates almost like a trustless system where transactions can be made without parties having to really know their transacting partners. Data that happens to cross through pubic space within Sparkster will still remain encrypted such that even the details of the transactions can only be seen by the transacting parties.

Beyond basic coding

Writing some basic software in English seems easier compared to writing complex software that involves other complex technology such as A.I and IoT. Sparkster has however managed to make it possible for users to write facial recognition software through their platform. This is only the beginning as Sparkster hopes to make even more complex executions possible through its platform. It has formed partnerships with companies like ARM and Libelium which will help it further the writing of complex software in simple English.

Adapting to change

Consumer demands are never consistent. Different services fulfill different needs at different times, therefore a business has to be equipped with the right software to meet the myriad of demands likely to arise during its course of service.

Multiple revenue streams are also becoming a necessity in the current economy. Finding multiple jobs is getting harder. Sparkster’s platform allows for users to generate some revenue while still providing great software services. Such a combination is rare thus making Sparkster among the very few platforms that makes this happen.

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