Overview of the Gallipoli Campaign

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The Australians had faced different measures of difficulties and harshness during the first world war. The Gallipoli campaign was one place Australians had shown their efforts in their landings, the battles of lone pine, the Nek and Sulva bay from April 1915 to December 1915, however their efforts had failed and they were unsuccessful in delivering offense to hold off and defeat the Turks, losing many lives. This essay looks at the strategic goals of the campaign and the tactical plans during the actual combats. It will discuss the very reasons why the campaign was initiated and what the allies wanted to gain from it. It also compares the tactics, preparation, leaders, skills and possibilities as to why the Turkish forces had defeated the Australians and whether it was it truly was because the Turks were better at everything that they and won. Critically analyzing similarities and differences of both sides allows a better understanding on what had happened.

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The Anzacs did leave in December saving lives but this did not compensate for those who lost theirs and it brings into question whether it was worth it all, could had it all been stopped before it even started. Germans had a strategic dilemma where they had to fight on two fronts, the eastern was Russia and the western was France and Britain. This was difficult for Germany as then it had to spilt its army to fight both fronts in the world war. The Ottoman Empire was an ally of the Germans and had Russia pinned in Caucasus which made it difficult for the Russians. The Russians then requested the Allies to get the ottoman empire of their backs because they needed help. Allies had to agree because they needed to keep Russia in the war which kept Germans standing on its two legs, continuing Germany’s dilemma. If the Russians were to step out of the war then Germany’s dilemma would finish meaning head strong attacks to France and Britain which would be disastrous for them. Winning against the Turks meant an upper hand as one of the central powers would be defeated meaning one less enemy making chances of winning easier. Allies also hoped for the neutral Balkan states to join sides with them after seeing one less enemy which would benefit the allies as then another front would open against the central powers. The allies would also benefit as they would be able to have a supply line for the Russians through the black sea. They would have to originally go from the north which was dangerous as German submarines were present, the weather was harsh and there were many obstacles like icebergs. Going from the black sea meant quicker transportation with fewer obstacles. Britain was running on oil based ships, but Britain didn’t have oil at home. Their oil came from the gulf so taking out the Ottoman Empire meant direct accessibility to the oil.

These reasons are all beneficial for the allies and the reasons why the Gallipoli campaign looked so desirable. However, something in theory doesn’t necessarily mean it works in practice.

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