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Speaking of the bipod, there are mainly two types, Harris and Versa. It seems that Harris is more popular because it looks cool. There is also a feeling of rough feeling of appearance, Harris bipod made overseas which is on the market has processing may be necessary for installation. We will explain the method of processing at that time and how to install it.

First, we will explain from the sniper rifle of the bolt action system with the swivel stud. Loosen the fixing screw at the bottom of the bipod to the maximum. Harris’ fixing method is to hold the swivel stud from the left and right, close the screw and pull it downward. However, depending on the object, the hole is narrow, it may get caught and cannot be fixed. In that case, you will have to scrape the left and right of the swivel stud to make it thinner and pass through the hole, or it will pass through the hole of the bipod. If you swerve the swivel stud too much strength will be compromised, so this time we will go by the way to widen the bipod side hole.

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In the case of VSR, it is not necessary to expand the hole to that extent so please extend it to the minimum that can be attached to your gun. After expanding the hole, grasp the lower part of the arm and widen the upper part, then pinch the swivel stud. Tighten the fixing screw when it is caught, and secure it firmly with a hex wrench at the end. If you over tighten this screw, in this case, you need to tighten it properly as the bipod and the main body will be damaged.

The long type can be adjusted on the unrestricted floor. In case of stretching, loosen the dial enclosed with a circle and pull it while pressing the button above it. When the position is decided, fasten the dial by tightening it. When the long type is contracted most, the length is about 22 cm from the main body. It is very easy to use length. Approximately 33 cm from the main body when extended to the maximum. It will be of the considerable length.

Attach the Harris type bipod (Standard) to the gun equipped with the rail handguard using a 20 mm rail attachment. When using the rail attachment, install it in the same way as installing the normal rail option. The Standard type is shorter than the Long type and the foregrip attached behind is likely to be grounded. It is about 18 cm from the main body in the most compressed state.

Standard type handled in our shop becomes easy to use 6 stretches. It is about 26 cm from the main body in a statement extended to the maximum. If you attach a bipod, it looks cool, it’s recommended because the shooting is stable as well. Those who use it for a sniper rifle with a swivel stud have 20 mm rail attachment. If you are using the rail handguard mounting model, please select the 20 mm rail attachment.

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