Overview of the Main Methods of Meditation

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Meditation is inextricably linked with yoga and spiritual practices that have been used for more than a few thousand years in various cultures and movements. It is shaped by the philosophy of Buddhism and Hinduism. However, there is no need to be a follower of a particular religion in order to learn all the advantages of this method. The very concept of “meditation” means – thinking, deep immersion in the consciousness associated with the peace and liberation of the mind. Regular meditation classes, 10-20 minutes a day, have a beneficial effect on the body: relieve stress and fatigue, improve the physiological and mental state, change thinking in a positive direction, help get rid of bad habits, calm the mind.

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A wide variety of ways to meditate makes it possible to choose the method that will suit you exclusively. To do this, it is recommended to practice each method for 2 weeks, after changing it with a new one.

Pranayama – breath control. One of the main methods of meditation. The bottom line is to concentrate the mind on your own breath. Concentrate on the duration of each inhalation and exhalation. While you do this, random thoughts constantly appear and distract attention. Don’t worry about it, it’s normal and it happens to all of us. The key to coping with this is to “watch” your thoughts and let them go. Instead of being carried away by them, just look at the words or pictures in your mind, thank them for being there, and focus on your breathing again. After a while you will see that it becomes easier.

Mantra – meditation. The secret of the technique is to chant mantras for a certain period of time, most deeply immersed in this process. It is recommended to sing the mantra in Sanskrit, since this language is considered to be the original from the creation of the world and has a powerful vibration. Mettabhavana – love meditation. This technique is one of the oldest in Buddhism. Her method is built on the development of self-love, then relatives and friends, simple passers-by on the street, and ultimately, to enemies.

Vipassana is a technique that emerged over 2500 years ago. Translated means to realize reality as it is, or in other words, inner insight. The essence of the method is to understand your feelings, moving away from thoughts and emotions. Meditation on the go. Suitable for busy people and those who can not long sit still. It can be practiced when walking, hatha yoga, with any moderate movements, in general. By focusing on the inhale-exhale to the beat of the movements, you can always be in contact with the mind. Visualization. This type of meditation will appeal to people with good inner vision. The essence of the method is to recreate in detail the image in mind. You can start with simple geometric shapes, gradually moving to more complex shapes, or visualize in detail in the mind the place you wanted to visit.

Meditation methods are available to everyone. This should not be forgotten, because in the process of applying a technician it may seem that nothing happens and this is not given to you. When you plunge into meditation, the physiological processes in thought processes slow down, you are calm and satisfied, but the restless mind will distract you at first. You will notice that thoughts rush about chaotically in your head without letting you concentrate, however this phenomenon is temporary and will not bring problems in the future.

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