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Overview of the Saudi Arabia: History, Climate, Culture

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Saudi Arabia was founded on September 23, 1932, by a man named by, Ibn Saud. Ibn Saud was trying to look for his ancestral home city and he tried to conquer that. Later then Ibn Saud found Saudi Arabia where his ancestors were from and he became ruler. He looked to find this city because the city was “Unknown”, what his parents used to say to him. Ibn wanted to find this forgotten city and rule it not for the power, but for his ancestors legacy. Saudi Arabia has never been colonized because of the sense of being annexed. Saudi Arabia was involved in 6 different wars starting from 1744 and the current ending in 1932. One war Saudi had fought was called Emirate of Diriyah in 1744 and ending in 1818. Emirate of Diriyah was a war against the Biriyani. Diriya was part of Saudi Arabia but they split because they had differences. After they split, the king of Saudi ordered his troops to go down to Diriyah and take control on part of their lands which they succeed on. The next war they fought was called Emirate of Nejd. This war was against the Nejd. Saudi Arabia had other wars such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which they had to fight for their freedom. Saudi Arabia also was the most targeted country because they had a lot of oil. This oil was not just any oil, it is the “richest” oil ever found on this planet. This rich oil they have been having was sold to other countries and the country wealth is going up. When the country was just becoming a country, they didn’t have much, all they relied on was the amount of oil they had. The first leader King Abdulaziz used the oil only to help the people out. For example, he sold the oil for building stores, making farms, building small cities and hospitals. He built the basis for a starting country. Over time new leaders came and the current king, King Salman is not a good leader although. For example, what the current leader does is spend his money on wealthy houses, and cars. The old leader did not spend that much on that. The current leader is not making anything better in Saudi Arabia, for example, their cars still use diesel which kills the air population.

The primary language Saudi Arabia speaks is called Arabic. Arabic was originally spoken from the Iron Age from the Northern East Arabia. A sentence you can learn is, Marhaban, ana Ahin. That mean Hi, I’m Ahin . Another sentence you can learn is, Surirtu Bilika iki. That means pleasure to meet you. Lastly another good sentence to learn would be, Ezayak which mean How are you. Those are some good words to know in the Arabic Language.

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The money in Saudi Arabia is called Saudi Riyal. Riyal is the currency used in Saudi to buy your everyday things. Also silver was the coin currency. 1 USD dollar is going to be 3.75 Riyals. 3.75 riyal is a good amount of money, you would be able to buy a bag of chips or some snacks for your hiking trip in the mountains. 1 riyal would be .27 cents here in the us, which you can not buy really anything with that amount. The reason the money is cheap is because it has a 1.5% interest rate.

The biggest point of interest in Saudi Arabia is Mecca. Mecca is a very big interest because in Mecca, there is something called the house of Allah. The house of Allah is a little tiny house were the god of Muslim peoples sleep in. So most religious Muslim people go to Mecca so they can pray and worship the god. Also you have to shave your hair off and kiss the metal part so the god can forgive anything you did in life that was wrong. Another place you can visit is called Mada’in Saleh. Mada’in is a ancient pre islamic archeological site. This land was owned from Wadi Al Qura, who had a villae here. This site was very important because this is where the Torah of the holy Quran was refereded from the Prophet Saleh. Last very interesting place would be the Zamzam Well. This well is very important because when you drink this water, god will forgive all your sins and this water will make you a better person in life. This well was created from god and it is visited from millions of Muslims.

Saudi Arabia is a big religious country full of Muslim people. Currently there are 32.28 million people living in Saudi Arabia, 95 % of the people living in Saudi Arabia are Muslim. There are no churchers located in Saudi Arabia because the 5% of non Muslim are most likely Christians who came from a different country to work in Saudi Arabia. Most Sadi men and boys whatever they would like to wear, but the religious one wear a traditional dress called a thawb which is an Arabic dress. When it is extremely hot, they would wear the white version of it. When it is cold, they would wear a darker color. Most Arab girls who live in Saudi Arabia would have to wear a cloak which covers your face and the skin of the body. This is all up to the husband of the women. If they are not married they do not have to wear this and black is always the color to wear.

Sadia Arabians do not celebrate Christmas, the only big event they celebrate is called Eid. Eid is more like Christmas except it is the the Muslim christmas. You receive and give back so that you have a heart that is lighter than a feather. This celebration happens once a year because, Muslims have to feast for a month, then have a big feast on Eid.

Saudi Arabians eat a lot of Flatbread, Spice blends, Dates, chicken and rice. There are more like rice that is Saudi style. A lot of times, the rice contains beaf, beans, curry and rice. The Arab tradition and Egypt food tradition is exactly the same. Lusin is a very Arabic restaurant. They sell the top rice and chicken combo this restaurant is known for.

Saudi Arabia has a desert climate and it is extremely hot during the day time.The temperature drops significantly when it is night although. The reason why the deserts are extremely hot in the morning is because, the sand gets really war which that heat goes to the city. When it is night the sand cools down and then the people feel really cold. The weather is extremely bipolar.

One of the biggest historical that shaped Saudi Arabia out was the oil discovery in 1938. In 1938, CASOC sent geologists to find areas that could have oil in it. For about 3 years, the CASOC was unsuccessful drilling oil until 1938 of March 3rd. The chief of CASOC said, let’s just drill a little deeper than usual. When he did that he discovered that he struck gold. He found out that the oil was reserved way deeper than they expected. Later then, Saudi Arabia was the largest oil crude in the world. This was very important not just for CASOC, it was more important to the Saudi Arabian king who was full of joy. This country was struggling with financial aids and now they will be able to make this country better. What the king did was, he first started to make buildings, roads, buying minerals/supplies to help the country out. This was evolutional to Saudi Arabia. At that moment, they started to trade and buy with other countries. One of the big things they have bought was cars from Europe and America. These cars were a transportation to get to work and go places with people. The king although was not a bad king. He prioritized his people first then he bought the things he need. This king was the main reason that Saudi Arabia is where it is today. Without the oil found in 1938, they would be a poor country were nobody would want to live in. The country has brought so many people all around the world, people got better job opportunities their. This oil has saved Saudi Arabia and it will be one of the richest countries just because of this oil. The Saudi king tried to trade with all the countries and made peace with all. He wanted this country to be in peace and make it really big at the time. He also made more of these oil factories so he can get even more oil.Before he used to get 3 million barrels of oil per day. Now that the technology improved and the investment has really shown, he now gets over 10.3 million barrels full of oil. The Saudi king and CASOC are the main causes of how Saudi is today and without their help, it would be a disaster.

The family life of Saudi Arabia is just like our lives in America. You can have as many kids as you want and they are allowed to work as anything they want. It is a traditional patriarchal structure of the Saudi family, responsible for men who are householder leaders and those who find themselves out of the family, such as family support and protection. The identity of the family is also linked to the father and, therefore, the custody of children, the question arises. Men can have four wives, but polygamy is no longer practiced. If wealthy men have more than one wife, their wives and their children live in separate units of each other. Women are involved in life-changing roles, such as home management, child care, and child-friendly decision-making. They are not restricted to these roles because the number of successful businesses increases. In Saudi Arabia, women’s roles are the basic structure of the family and, therefore, the maintenance of the social structure. This is largely because women control more than men, maintaining their chastity and, therefore, honoring their family, under control, which boosts family bonds and society at the same time. Although there are some exceptions, most of the weddings are organized. Saudi marriage is more than one civil contract and the same marriage is known as Islamic Islamic Action. Men pay my wives customs in Saudi money or mehr form. Common men are between 30,000 and 50,000 USD. Childrens have a normal life, playing outside or going out with the family. But when it comes to school, their parents will make them smart no matter what.


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