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Pakistan Engineering Company Limited And It's Main Business Products

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Pakistan Engineering Company Limited is a State Enterprise controlled by the Ministry of Industries and Production, Government of Pakistan. It is the Premier and driving Engineering Company which fabricates astounding steel re-moved material and light designing items. PECO items have earned a sound notoriety in the market due to superb, workmanship, productivity, strength and ensured provoke after deals benefit. PECO’s larger part share holding is with private area, and according to Government strategy, it is presently Public Private Partnership. PECO has ISO-9001:2008 Certification for its items.


PECO has planned and fabricated media transmission towers for Pakistan Telecommunication Company, Pakistan Rangers, Pakistan Railways, Civil Aviation, NLC, SNGPL, M/s Alan Dick UK, Huawei Technologies Pvt. Ltd, and M/s ZTE Corporation Pvt. Ltd, China.

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  • Green Field Lattice Steel Towers

  • Roof Top Lettice Steel Towers

  • Green Field Tubular Towers
  • Roof Top Tublar Towers
  • Guy Supported Towers

Transmission line towers:

PECO began fabricating power Transmission Line Tower in 1964. The Company has the upside of having all in-house offices for creation of pinnacle i.e. steel re moving, creation, exciting, outlining and testing. No other organization in Pakistan has finish scope of in-house offices for generation of transmission line towers under one rooftop. Our present product offering comprises of 11Kv, 132Kv, 220 Kv and 500Kv transmission line towers. PECO is the main Company in Pakistan to make 500kv single and twofold circuit towers

Electric motor:

PECO Electric Motor Division was built up in 1962 with the specialized joint effort of M/s NEWMAN of United kingdom. PECO items are planned and produced keeping in see the particular neighborhood conditions and requests, vigorous in development, dependable in execution. A large number of PECO engines being used since begin are a certain declaration to our cases of amazing quality and execution. As essential drive components, PECO engines are first decision for apparatus, plants and machine devices, in agribusiness hardware and pumps of assorted types, in fans and blowers, in the intense obligation necessities on transports and material giving gear and so forth. Our more than 45 long stretches of involvement in the make of A.C. enlistment Motors guarantees that our engines are steady in activity, very vitality effective, to a great degree adoptable to vacillation in stack, low in support and work attractively in serious climatic and natural conditions. PECO engines are tried and true best estimation of cash. The Division is furnished with Machining, Aluminum Die Casting, Press Working and engine testing offices which guarantee creation of value engines.

Pumps and turbine:

This Division was set up in 1953 as a team with German Firm M/S KSB to fabricate Centrifugal and Deep Well Turbines. In 1959 an understanding for specialized cooperation with M/S Jaccuzi Bros. Inc. of USA was finished up for Deep Well and Submersible Turbine Pumps. The division has finish testing offices and qualified mechanical and water powered designers. Pumps division produces Centrifugal, Turbines and Submersible Pumps for different profundity and release heads according to necessity of our esteemed clients. Pump line additionally incorporate non stopping up/modern pumps of different capacities with respect to sugar/concoction industry. Add up to parts are being produced in house.

Foundry product:

PECO Foundry is delivering throwing for pumps, Turbines Electric Motors and Auto parts. It has ability to deliver throwing having segments from couple of grams to 5 tons. It is prepared to create throwing of all evaluations of Gray Iron, Bronze, Aluminum amalgams, warm safe, consumption safe and water safe cast press with present day offices of testing. Best in class throwing offices from Cast/Gray Iron throwing to modern Metal/Steel Alloys according to universal standard.


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