Pandas Are not Worth Saving: an Exploration Why Pandas Are No Longer Needed to Be Saved


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Introduction and background:

Pandas are one of the cutest bear in the world and conservations are putting their effort to conserve these cuddly bears they are distinct by their black and white fur and their chubby bodies, but here is the thing they are overrated, and they are no longer endangered but they still conserve them, due to climate change and vulnerable species in the wild, they show up in most animal conservation logos and even restaurants.

Main result:

Thanks to China’s effort on conserving program they are no longer endangered species but it doesn’t stop them to keep conserving them, the Chinese government nearly owns all of the Pandas around the world that adds up to food, medications, in attendance at the Edinburgh zoo it doubled from $2000 to $10.3m when 2 pandas arrived since 2001. According to Marc Bekoff he stated that, it may be good for the revenue but they should stop putting more pandas in captivity and keep breeding them. They are expensive to raised them because it cost $1million a year to raise them according to Dave Towne this includes the food, medications and the enclosure.

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Pandas mating routine are complicated they are solitary bears in the wild, they only come together during mating season during mid-Feb and mid-May, they communicate by vocals or scent markings and females are fertile during April of 20 and 21, males always compete for the female once the male finally finishes the competitor now they can mate , after 2 weeks they will start to mate however the males have the smallest penises in the animal kingdom, they are clumsy on mating they will even grab some of the body parts including their arms, ears and hips of their mate, however once they are successful in mating, but the female have to pause their pregnancy until the female consumes more bamboo to develop their offspring, once the babies are born the weak panda is abandoned and left to die by the mother while the other one stays with the mother because pandas only raised one offspring, but due to them being in captivity they are expensive to breed them this includes artificial insemination if the mates lost interest and it requires a lot of effort, but there is a probability that artificial insemination is successful or not. They don’t do much in the wild they eat for 14hrs, 2-4hrs of sleeping, they climb in trees for protection, and they prefer being alone. The panda population has been risen up, but that doesn’t mean they are doing fine they are still vulnerable to climate change and destructive human activities.

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