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Pandemic in and the Band Played on

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This movie focuses on the outbreak of aids and its investigation of how this disease became pandemic.

The movie starts when Dr. Don arrived in a village suffering from global and he saw the devastating effects of this outbreak and also saw dozens of human dead bodies which were suffering from ebola. Now a new disease got Dr. Don’s attention which has no symptoms of its own but this disease attacks the immune system and collapses the entire immune system in ay this disease has opportunistic infections in people who are suffering from this disease. During the early investigation, they found that this disease is affecting only homosexuals. During the investigation, Dr. and his team found difficulties due to budget deficiency because of not getting financial support from the government. In one scene Dr. needed a microscope which will cost him 1,90,000$ and he has no money on the other side president approved a budget in which reduced the money allocated to public health and raising the money for the Department of Defense. People calling this disease Gay Cancer and Gay Disease which caused discrimination in people by sexual orientation. In san, Francisco hot bath spas were used for homosexual encounters and this caused the rapid spread of disease. To stop this spread CDC wanted to shut down the spas but due spas owner and the government’s lack of interest the CDC wasn’t able to do this.

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During the investigation, Don and CDC have evidence that this disease is not only present in homosexuals but they have cases of heterosexuals who have AIDS such as in babies and hemophiliacs. So, they made the hypothesis that this disease could be transmitted by blood transfusion based on this hypothesis they wanted a survey with the blood industry but people of the blood industry didn’t approve such a survey because they didn’t want to spend millions on such survey. Once again due to financial problems, no actions have been taken. In CDC Dr. Don presented his theory that AIDS is a sexually transmitted virus just like the feline leukopenia virus. On the other side French and Americans especially Dr. Gallo was competing with each other to get credit and Nobel prize for discovering the virus. The movie ends with public rallies about AIDS and Dr. Don’s departure for San Francisco to start its own independent research, meanwhile, the death rate was still increasing.

Besides the lab work and scientific approaches and its hurdles movie shows epidemiology, questioning of AIDS people about their sexual history backward tracing of disease, and search of the Patient Zero.


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