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Are you planning a trip for the weekend? “Life is an adventure”, we all know that each people want to do some exciting and adventurous thing in their life. If you want to do, Then must visit Nepal for your weekend trip by contacting Best Tours & Travel Agency in Nepal. Nepal, the most amazing place to visit and an adventurous thing to do like Paragliding, Everest mountain flight trip etc. It is the most loving country in the world. The view of here attracts people from across the world. It is famous for trekking and saying that it is a paradise for whom who love to do some bravery thing in their life. So let’s visit Nepal and know about the culture and tradition of Nepal. The perfect destination which makes everyone to visit Nepal is lashing with Natural Beauty of the Himalayas, wildlife, temples etc. But paragliding is most famous here. Most people are afraid of heights, but I will tell you that I love to do skydiving here. The most popular thing about Nepal is to skydiving and paragliding.

For the excitement of your trip, must contact Best Travel Agency In Nepal which is All Time Tour And Travels. They provide the best services among others. The most famous thing about Nepal is to do Paragliding in Pokhara. In this blog, let’s know all about the Pokhara and activities to do here. Pokhara called a piece of heaven, which is a beautiful city of Nepal blessed by nature. This one is the 2nd largest city of Nepal. The beauty of this valley doesn’t need and description as it speaks itself surrounding with lakes, mountains, lakes, hills, and villages. The lake which attracts both domestic and international travelers from the world around. Pokhara is mainly famous for doing some adventures activities which are given below: Paragliding in Pokhara is newly introduced adventurous thing in Nepal but in short period it gains the maximum popularity among travelers and adventure seekers. Doing paragliding in the land of the Himalayas is the just an amazing thing. It is located in the foot of Annapurna, which offers you a great view of Mahabharata range, Lakeside, Pokhara village, and much more. In fact for paragliding, Pokhara has been nominated as the fifth best location in the world. It is exciting to see the highest mountain in the world like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri form here.

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Pokhara offers a wide variety of accommodation, food, and other facilities. It is rich in culture. The most famous thing about Pokhara is doing paragliding. If you came here and don’t do Paragliding then your trip is incomplete. Imagine from the heights you will get to see the valley which is all surrounded by green forests and meadows, its super cool thing. Pokhara flight experience which is provided by all-time tour and travels the Best Tours & Travel Agency in Nepal provides the golden opportunity of having a lifetime experience of seeing this wonderful thing from the top of the sky. Flying over the valley, near the Annapurna range, around the peak. One can have a heart touching, the most beautiful scenic view of green forests, heavenly scene of lakes and rivers as well as the view of getting to see traditional Nepal’s villages far below on the valley and at the same time, you can enjoy the closer view of ever glowing and shining mountains. If anyone wishes to see this super exciting places of Pokhara and Don’t Want to miss a chance then just contact.

All time tour and travels, the Tours & Travel Agency in Nepal. By contacting them your dreams comes true. You can achieve the lifetime experience of doing some adventurous thing in your life. All Time Tour And Travels is a leading local tour operator who provides the Paragliding in Pokhara trip package since 1995. We will provide you Best Tour Packages service at an Unbeatable price.

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